Ghost Tracks -Elephant Rock Speedway
1/4 mile paved oval
Norway, PEI

This is how Elephant Rock Speedway looked in the summer of 2005 when Rich Wilkins visited it.

Elephant Rock was built by Bob Doyle over the course of two years and opened in 1996. Apparantly the track did not last very long. The pits were located behind the back straight. The corners were banked at 24 degrees.

There are a few things that are unique about Elephant Rock. The first is the banking - it's the highest I've seen on track this size. The grandstands are also unique. Instead of running along the whole front straight, they start at the start / finish line and run down to turn 1. Lastly, I've never seen a covered flagstand before.

If anyone has any more information on Elephant Rock Speedway - photos, programs, points champions, years in use, etc please contact me

A lap Around Elephant Rock Speedway

On the front straight, looking toward turn 1

Turn 1

Coming out of turn 2, looking down the back straight

Turn 3, looking into turn 4

Turn 4 and the front straight

More Photos

The flagstand and start / finish line

The grandstands as viewed from the flagstand

The view that the starter had

The unusual covered flag stand

Corner 4 from the grandstand

At the exit of turn 2, looking back toward 1-2

Turn 3-4 - the yellow line is the restart line

At the entrance to turn 3 looking back up the back straight

The banking between turns 3-4

Looking across the track from corner 2

In the middle of turn 1-2, looking back into turn 1

Corner 1 from the flagstand

Corner 2 from the flagstand

Turn 4 from the flagstand

Standing between turn 1-2, looking back toward the front straight

At the entrance to turn 1, looking back up the front straight