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Message posted by Webmaster on 16 November 2003 at 9:32pm - IP Logged
Quote Webmaster
Discuss your memories of Speedway Park in Stoney Creek.

Message posted by Phil Armishaw on 05 February 2004 at 10:26am - IP Logged
Quote Phil Armishaw
The old grandstands were supposedly moved to Binbrook Fairgrounds and are still in use today.

Message posted by Matt on 04 June 2005 at 6:08pm - IP Logged
Quote Matt
i live about 5 min walk away from this gem. and i have alot of pics of it if needed.

Message posted by Erland Lee Museum on 03 July 2005 at 6:32pm - IP Logged
Quote Erland Lee Museum

I would be very interested to see any photos or other material on this former track.

I'm the curator for the Erland Lee Museum, at 552 Ridge Road. The museum, an 1800s house and 1897 birthplace of  the Women's Institutes, does the history of Saltfleet Township as part of our mandate.

We'd very much like to make copies to include in our local history files and databases (see our Virtual Museum of Canada page "From Saltfleet to stoney Creek" at www.erlandlee.com)

If anyone would like to share the history on the track, please call me at 905 662 2691 or email erlandlee@interlynx.net

-Michael Gemmell

Message posted by Brian on 28 June 2006 at 8:41pm - IP Logged
Quote Brian
As an avid race fan in the early years I was there on the day the track opened, went every friday night to the dirt races and was there on the last night of racing... It was something to be in the stands on a warm summer night and hear the roar of the cars. Just another piece of history gone but not forgotten.... by me anyway...    

Message posted by Rick Kavanagh on 07 August 2007 at 8:16pm - IP Logged
Quote Rick Kavanagh
It's nice to see the interest in the old track .Our Family owned both Speedway Park&Merrittville At the time .We still celebrate Merrittville's( 56 years )   History with a reunion every July &we also have memorabilia &Articles both on Merrittville &Speedway Park . Check out Merrittville Memories on the Merrittville Speedway web site.

Message posted by Rich Mikolajczuk on 02 December 2007 at 11:41am - IP Logged
Quote Rich Mikolajczuk
My father Pete used to race Late Models at Speedway Park.  As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure that's where my parents met.  Bruce Van Dyke and his wife were in thier wedding party.  Every time I drive past the area I look to make sure I can still see the banking.  I would have loved to have been able to see races there before it closed down.

Message posted by Mike Lindsay on 28 March 2008 at 2:24pm - IP Logged
Quote Mike Lindsay
Nick Lapcevich (Sr) is alive and well and is the p.a. announcer for the Dundas Real McCoys of the Ontario Senior AAA Hockey League

Message posted by Fred G. on 20 April 2008 at 8:18pm - IP Logged
Quote Fred G.
'Dizzy' Dean calling the races. The sounds and the smells on a Friday night at Speedway. We were in High School in Hamilton and we used to bet 25 cents on each race (we would just pick a car that looked cool). As I recall Van Dyke won most of them! 'Here comes the meat wagon' Mr. Dean used to exclaim as the ambulance drove onto the track. A lot of memories here!

Message posted by darrell eacott on 13 August 2008 at 7:28pm - IP Logged
Quote darrell eacott
thanks once again for posting this speedway ! i did the treck about 2 hrs south to easly find it and let me tell u its not easy walking threw the planted feeld trying not to upset anything when u are so excited about whats ahead ! darrell eacott

Message posted by Fred Carleton on 21 November 2008 at 1:25pm - IP Logged
Quote Fred Carleton

I was just 10 or so when my dad raced his gold #96 at Speedway Park. Its a little foggy out here but sometimes when my dad wasn't racing he would get us kids some chips and pop and put us up on the roof of a building, fire station I think, we could see some of what was going on. He would disappear for a while I'm sure to get a closer look. (no need to call children's aid) My dad raced for Galvin Sweet. (Galvin ran #96 at the CNE and the opener at Merrittville. Galvin has alzheimer's now and is in the hospital in Burlington but a smile still comes to his face when you tell him a story about racing.) Henry Shivak #26 was my dads best friend, they built their own cars and raced their small block modifieds throughout the Niagara Peninsula.The speedway and our families spent countless weekends together. Win or lose good times were had at the speedway.



Fred Carleton #96

Message posted by Fred Carleton on 21 November 2008 at 1:28pm - IP Logged
Quote Fred Carleton
Sorry racers the above was in 1970.

Message posted by Mike Lindsay on 30 November 2008 at 4:36pm - IP Logged
Quote Mike Lindsay
correction to the article:1971 paved racing was on Fridays with the modifieds and 305 ci late models from Lancaster. 1972 saw super late models and hobbies (I owned one that ran there that year) running on Saturdays after Flamboro shut down very early in the season. 1972 was likely the track's best year as a paved track. Flamboro had new owners in 1973 and reopened on Saturdays and I believe Satelite Speedway switched back to Fridays trying to run super mods. Problem was running the same night as Cayuga and at that time, late model racing had pretty well taken over from super modifieds as the fan favourite.

Message posted by Don Nicholls on 08 January 2009 at 10:49pm - IP Logged
Quote Don Nicholls
I also spent many many Friday nights at this track, right from opening night. My dad "Wimpy Nicholls" owned and built the #43 red Chev coupe that Alex Gunn drove to Championships in 1963 and 1964. Bob Fisher drove my dad's car in 1965 and 1966. Jack Hollis in 1967 and then my brother Ken drove from 1968 until it was paved. Him and Bob Webster had many battles for the wins in the Late Model division. Always remember the "Mighty Mini" from Gulliver Motors that Denny Deagle ran in the mini stock division as well. The track had been paved when I started running Late Models so our Friday nights were spent at Ransomville Speedway in New York.
Thanks for the memories..

Message posted by crash myers on 10 January 2009 at 6:47am - IP Logged
Quote crash myers
My dad started taking me up to Speedway Park when iIwas still playing in the dirt with "dinky cars". As a kid it was cool just pulling into the parking lot.  All the people, the cars, hearing the engines. As you walked in every week, the photographer always had big black and white photos of the previous weeks winners hanging for all to see and buy. Wayne Ready was a friend of my dads and worked for my grandfather at one time, and we would cheer for him. Joe Lapcevich kept his car at his gas station not far from our house and I would climb in it and would pretend I was racing. Couldnt believe the seat was made from a rim and steel rod bolted too the floor. Later years I met Nick Sr. and found out he was friends with my dad also back in the day. I loved how the cars would go off the track and totally disappear off turn 3 and then reappear along the fence at the grandstand. I had allkinds of favourites, Deagles, Alex Gunn, Webster, Henry Shivak (who my step dad Elmer knew well), Kenny Nicholls and my all time #22 Bill Rafter. I left that track every week wishing I could race or be an announcer because Dizzy Dean was so funny and he made those racers sound like super heroes to a kid. I would get home with them "dinky cars" in the dirt and I was either Rafter or Nicholls, and of course I always won..LOL. Well I did eventually race and #22 for Rafter was on my door. One season a guy showed up at Flamboro and they said his name was Nicholls, Ken Nicholls. Being this could be one of my heroes from years gone bye, I finally got the nerve to ask him, "Are you the Kenny Nicholls from Speedway Park days? I use to race you with my "dinky cars"......Once we crashed one Saturday at Flamboro and spent the whole week trying to get the car repaired, exhausted with a couple hours before racing, and knowing we wouldn't make it, I thru down the wrench and said "lets go to watch at Merrittville."  Everyone looked at me like I was crazy because none of us had ever been there before. So I told them the Speedway Park and Merrittville history I knew and made our way there and what a surprise to see it was the reunion day! and out on the track pulled #22 Bill Rafter in a car like he raced in the 60's. During intermission I met him for the first time and I was a kid all over. Blabbing on how he was my hero and how I raced (no where as good as him..lol) and my car was #22 in his honour....if he had security i'm sure they would have dragged me away. Well sorry for the long rant here, but too me when I drive up Hwy 20 and look over and see the grassy hills of turn 3 and 4 it brings back great memories of childhood and heroes. I hope no one ever builds anything there for as long as I'm around...well unless its another racetrack.

Message posted by sabrina on 10 January 2009 at 8:33pm - IP Logged
Quote sabrina
I've just joined this site and it looks great.

Message posted by WAYNE READY on 21 January 2009 at 1:37pm - IP Logged
The pictures of Speedway Park brought back a lot of Good memories. I raced on that track from the day it opened until it went to pavement. I tried it once and found going down the straights and coming into the corners was like driving fast down the street you lived on and trying to make a quick turn into your driveway. It was a Great Dirt Track but a bad paved track. I think the fellow who paved it must have worked for the highway department. If only they had left it dirt and stayed with the program we would probably be racing there today. Racing on Friday night at Speedway and then Saturday at Merrittville was the best of both worlds. After going to payvement I still missed the dirt.
Hamilton has a big void now it is gone, but, we still have the memories.
Wayne Ready #37

Message posted by BRYAN RASHLEIGH on 08 April 2010 at 11:44pm - IP Logged

I see you have not posted the pictures I sent you. I hope to see them soon.

 Regards: Bryan

Message posted by Web master on 12 April 2010 at 9:48pm - IP Logged
Quote Web master
Quote: Originally posted by Guest on 08 April 2010

I see you have not posted the pictures I sent you. I hope to see them soon.

 Regards: Bryan

Hi Brian - I haven't had much time for the site lately. My real job and other stuff keeps getting in the way.

Message posted by Bryan Rashleigh on 13 December 2012 at 11:30pm - IP Logged
Quote Bryan Rashleigh

 I went scouting around the old track in August 2012. Pavement ripped up from corner one around to 3/4 down the back straight. Lots of trees growing up in turns 3 and 4. Some of the front straight guardrail still there. It is a shame to see these once active speedways deteriorate. Lots for fond memories racing here with my brother and others!

Bryan Rashleigh


Message posted by Germain on 23 November 2014 at 9:57pm - IP Logged
Quote Germain
I remeber going to the races at Speedway when I was 12 years old,my older brother loved the races,Dave Germain was there every week and brought us kids to enjoy the cars and people there,,,he is now passed away but his favoirite place to go on Sat night was Speedway,then he built his own car and raced at Flambourgh Speedway,,,great history

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