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Discuss Al Pease's career here.

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Hello John

I really enjoyed reading your article.  Al has allways been one of my hero's. I had no idea that he had flown Typhones during the war and I would not for a minute have thought that he would be 82 today. Watching Al drive the MGB against Grant Clarks AH 3000 at Mosport in 1964 got me into racing. I had a new MGB at the time and I went home and removed every second spoke from the grill. That was my first racing modification. Better cooling, less weight.  I owned/raced his Lotus 47 for a couple of years. I still have nightmares about selling that car to some guy for $3000 and I remember that guy was you. What ever happened to that car. Have you any idea what they are worth today. Once again, great article and best wishes to Al from a fan if he happens to read this.   Regards / Peter McElroy  

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I really enjoyed this artical. I raced from 62 til 68 at Harewood in a Canada Class. I was in the Shell 4000 in 66 and atended the Mosport F1 raced the last one at Harewood which he won. I left racing and Canada in 68. My momories and photoos are of Al Pease in the 69 MGB and Eppie Wietzes in the Shell 400 who gave me advice and Craig Hill who as a fellow Londoner & was always supportive. It brings back wonderfull memories reading this because I was an observer at the time not knowing that history was being made right under my nose..

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Excellent, I first met Al in 1965 at Portage La Prairie, Man. Just out of high school I was racing a Mini Cooper and he gave me a set of plugs which made it run a lot better. In 1968 I stopped in Toronto after spending 4 months in Europe helping fellow Canadian Wayne Mitchell who was running in F3. I stayed on in TO helping Al for the last 1/2 of 1968 and in 1969 he hired me to work on the Lola. As mentioned in the article we found the engine block was machined slightly off centre at the rear seal/ bearing. She would run for a bit, the seal would fail, then the bearing. Don't know how many times we replaced the seal before the problem was solved. Frustrating yes!
Yet Al has a wonderful sense of humor and working with him was always a lot of fun.   For example. His shop was an old coach house off College Street. The shop door faced a narrow driveway and a large fence. We would always load the car in the alley where there was room. Getting the Lola into the shop was a problem. At the door was large hump designed to keep water out. Because of the fence, narrow driveway, tight right angle turn and hump we had to use a floor jack to alternately raise the front and back of the Lola up to clear the hump and maneuver it back and forth to get in the door. This took a bit of time. We had planned to leave at 4 am for a race and decided we could save time if we loaded the car on the trailer first then pushed both into the shop, which we did. At 4 am there was only three of us and we could just lift the trailer tongue up enough to balance it. We pulled with all our might but could not get over the hump. So we pushed the trailer back into the shop as far as we could and took a run at it. We made it over the hump! But now could not stop it or make the turn. We went right through the fence. The lights in the apartment building next door started all coming on. We weren’t sure if it was from the sound of the crash or us laughing our heads off as we struggled to extract ourselves from the remains of the fence. We quickly closed the shop door hitched the trailer and were on our way before the police showed up.
Morton Molyneux

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From Al Pease April 16/05

Hello, John:Just read your Web site, and want to thank you for posting my history. Received your letter with Typhoon articles and will keep in touch. Hope to see everyone at the end of June at Mosport vintage festival.I still get F1 fan letters from all over the world, and reply to every one. I appreciate your interest in our favourite sport. Regards to all. Al Pease

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Quote: Originally posted by Guest on 16 April 2005

From Al Pease April 16/05

Hello, John:Just read your Web site, and want to thank you for posting my history. Received your letter with Typhoon articles and will keep in touch. Hope to see everyone at the end of June at Mosport vintage festival.I still get F1 fan letters from all over the world, and reply to every one. I appreciate your interest in our favourite sport. Regards to all. Al Pease

Message posted by MGAdams on 06 July 2005 at 9:21am - IP Logged
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Of course your article is great, and it is nice to see Al seems to have enjoyed it too.

For all ... I am fortunate to have rescued Al Pease' Supercharged MGB from farm yard in Saskatchewan and am presently restoring it to the original glory the car deserves. Al has helped a great deal with photographs, memories and even original parts he had in his garage. I am always on a quest for more pictures, results, or stories about Al or the SuperB. If you have anything to share about a great Canadian racing icon, or his car, Contact me at the following email -

For Al ... I will get the car restored ... and you will get to lap Mosport again.

Mike Adams

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To whom this may be interesting...

Hello, I own and drive a car that Al Pease built. It's a long story so I will try to keep it short. I knew Al through his amazing art work skills as a graphics art retoucher. Back in those early days before Photoshop,(the 80's), if you needed commercial art work adjusted you called only one guy, Al Pease. Al would arrive at our design studio (Norman B. Hathaway and Associates)in his incredible 1973 Ford Capri, (slightly modified 8^). Well, I wanted, no, needed that car and after some arm twisting Al sold it to me. It had the AL Pease touch. He bought it in Germany, brought it over here and did his magic on it. Hope this isn't boring you.
He put in a limited-slip rear end, Revolution wheels, an MGB-GT transmission, body modifications, fiberglass hood and bumpers, removed the V6 and dropped in a 215 cu" aluminum (GM-Rover)V8. It's an amazing car and he is an amazing guy. It's still as good as new, never a winter seen. I call it a sleeper. Nobody knows what it is but it's got a kick to it that makes your teeth drop!
I've probably gone on too long. I think of Al when ever I get in the car, which I drove today and wonder how he's doing down in Tennessee. I'd enjoy saying hello to him if it's possible. Thanks...Caryl Hathaway

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Come to the Mosport Vintage Festival, June 22, 23, 24 hosted by VARAC. Al will be there and you can say hello in person.

I have heard stories about the Capri (built for his daughter?) and test driving on the 401 in the wee hours of the morning. It would be a very nice car to see at the Festival.

Mike Adams

Message posted by Caryl Hathaway on 28 September 2007 at 4:16pm - IP Logged
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Dear Mike,

Thanks for your reply. I just checked the Canadian Racer site today, just in case there was a response to my little story. After I had sent my story about Al, I checked every few days to see if there were any reponses. I wish I had known about the Mosport Festival, I would have enjoyed attending with the Capri, meeting with you and talking to Al. I have the Capri out today and thought about Al so I called Sevierville, TN. and left a message. Maybe I'll get a call back....

Message posted by Caryl Hathaway on 01 October 2007 at 4:19pm - IP Logged
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Hi Mike,

I just got off the phone with Al and he mentioned what an absolutely terrific time he had up at Mosport in June. He said he can't remember the last time he talked so much over three days. He had a really great time. When I mentioned that I came across your Canadian Racer article about him he wasn't aware that there was an article featuring him. I will try to send him a copy. Anyway, it was great to talk to him. If it is possible, I would be interested in any upcoming events where I could bring the Capri. I'll keep a better eye on your page for any information.

Cheers, Caryl

Message posted by Vicky Pease on 04 March 2008 at 2:09am - IP Logged
Quote Vicky Pease

Hi Gentlemen! Yes, my Dad had a fantastic time last June '07. What an amazing event and so many wonderful memories for him. Thanks to MIke! Don't know what's up this year, yet. And Mr. Caryl, I will be certain that you are informed if Dad can make it this year. I must have a "sit" in the favorite car of mine-the Capri! Great pics you sent to him. I have them too...perfect desktop! Thank you & Cheers!  Vicky Pease

Message posted by Jay Embree on 26 September 2008 at 1:14am - IP Logged
Quote Jay Embree
Hi there,

My name is Jay Embree and I have enjoyed reading these posts very much. I am the current owner of the Al Pease Lotus 47. I would like to speak to anyone (though especially Al) who has any memories and/or pictures of the car. I'm happy to report that it was restored in 1995 and has been vintage raced ever since. I can be reached at Thanks for any effort you can provide.

Message posted by Vicky Pease on 15 October 2008 at 1:02am - IP Logged
Quote Vicky Pease

Hello Jay. I have your email and interest. My Dad is going to search for photos for you -says he has many.

Dad is Celebrating His 87th Birthday today, - October 15th [1921].

I am so proud of him...

You may contact me at any time...his 'racing' and 'building' race cars is certainly His passion. Thank you for your interest. 

Vicky [Pease] Bueler --  jellybeanvic@hotmail,com

Message posted by Paul Seitz on 16 February 2012 at 2:39am - IP Logged
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Hello all...I stumbled across this article quite by accident and so glad I did!Lots of memories in there for me as Al and I were pretty close friends over the years

Just a small correction in the piece...the Brabham that Al drove for me was a very rare BT 23B built for the Australian championship

limited to 2.5 litres] and had done rather well in non-championship F-1 races in the idea was to run it in the Formula 5000 Series and Al is right...either his Eagle [no longer available to him] or my BT 23 probably would have won the series if all had worked well..."sic transit gloria !!"

The Brabham met a terrible end at Thruxton in the UK taking another dear friend of mine [Jack Smith] with it

Over the years we both went our separate ways but I have thought of Al many times and miss him... a wonderful guy and a dear friend

Paul Seitz


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