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Message posted by Webmaster on 15 November 2003 at 1:31am - IP Logged
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Discuss Nilestown Speedway here.

Message posted by truckracer on 12 February 2004 at 9:48pm - IP Logged
Quote truckracer
Great pictures of an old gem of a speedway.Just today my father and I passed by the entrance to the old nilestown speedway,and it brought back some great old memories of when he used to take me to the races there. This would have been in the early 70's,Iwas only about 8 or 9 years old but I was a rabid race fan then. Tiny Tim Wilkins, George Wall, Harvey Lennox, Bill "Flipper" Rowse , Jack Sharpe and Ron"Peaches"Pearn were some of my favorites who I would watch at both Delaware and Nilestown every week. Thanks for the memories that these pictures bring back. I'd love to see more of some of the old southwestern Ontario speedways like Warwick, Ailsa Craig and Sutton. Thanks again!

Message posted by Webmaster on 12 February 2004 at 11:06pm - IP Logged
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Thanks for your comments on Nilestown.

Regarding more photos - I have some of Sutton and more on the way as I go through some old Wheelspins. Ailsa Craig only ran in around 1953-54 so photos are more rare. That was before Wheelspin. Do you have more info on Warwick? Like the actual track name, years of operation, etc?

Message posted by Rick T. on 24 April 2004 at 4:47pm - IP Logged
Quote Rick T.

Just browsing the site on Nilestown Sppedway. Wow! I only went to Delaware when I was a kid  in the late 60's to mid 70's but heard about Nilestown. I remember Harvey Lennox's "Tammy Ten"  I was  such a fan then that I got wallpaper for my room with Tammy Ten on it!  I'm sure I wasn't the only one .Quite a famous car I guess!

There were some great racers back then, McIlraith, Greedy, Ross, Brown, I now get my racing fix a Flamborough. Some things never change.


Message posted by Ed Lewis on 01 September 2005 at 12:07am - IP Logged
Quote Ed Lewis
Just stumbled on this site looking up Bill "Flipper" Rowse. See it has been a while since there has been any activity on it. Bill is my uncle (mothers side), and is still alive and doing well living in Wyoming Ontario. As kid's we used to go to Nilestown and Delaware to watch uncle Bill race. His son Bill Rowse Jr. raced for a few year's and is now doing comentary for cascar race's. Anouther of my uncle's Everet Rowse help build and raced a 1965 Falcone drag car known as Rankin Fords "The Wild Child" which has been totally rebuilt and is racing again.

Message posted by sagestwo on 10 September 2005 at 12:33pm - IP Logged
Quote sagestwo

My wife and I and many friends spent a lot of night sitting on that hill and watching such drivers as:  Ron Snyder, the Walshs, (father & son) Ralph Featherstone, Earl Ross, Doug Warnes, Ken McIlroy, Ed Howe, Jim VanPatter, Geo Wall and many, many others circle that track.  Looking at the pictures of the track I can even visualize the cars in the figure 8 races: Ray Mitts, Cliff Smith, Gary Card, Ralph Laur and others.

Our motto was it never rains in Nilestown on Friday nights.



Message posted by Marty Truax on 20 September 2005 at 10:23pm - IP Logged
Quote Marty Truax
Reading all of these names brings a tear to my eye. My dad Bob Truax raced with them in the 60s and 70s. I remember a grudge match with George Wall in the purple 35 and my dad in the red #1 one year with my dad winning the race. It was very close. If anyone has pictures of this era I would love to see them.

Message posted by sagestwo on 10 October 2005 at 6:35pm - IP Logged
Quote sagestwo


I remember Bob Truax and his #1.  That car always had a different sound to it.     Another name I neglected to mention was Bernie Campbell, #7 driving a 1957 Chev.

Those were the days.


Message posted by Marty Truax on 11 October 2005 at 12:08am - IP Logged
Quote Marty Truax
Here are some more early 70s names that I remember at nilestown; #72 Lloyd Cromwell, #39 Bob Horne, #66 Grant Manning, #31 Brian Howard, #47 Stan Linkovich, #49 Bob Hay,       #32 Moe Merner, and #12 Art Neumeister. Also I cant forget my mom Chris Truax in the powder puff #6. (dad was not allowed to drive this car with the rat racer boys).

Message posted by greg valentine on 13 October 2005 at 12:07am - IP Logged
Quote greg valentine
my dad used to take me to nilestown speedway back in the 60,s.what great memories!the super modifieds,harvey lennox,jack greedy al mitchel and my favourite jack mc cutcheon, just to name a few.about 7 years ago i returned there to watch my son play a soccer game.the track is still there.it is hard to believe those drivers could put down that kind of power and race each other so closely on that narrow track!that is a reflection of the great talent that they had.     valentinegreg@hotmail.com

Message posted by Ryan on 19 October 2005 at 6:48pm - IP Logged
Quote Ryan

Hi there i am looking for some info  from the 50's to 55 lookin g for ant thing on car 41



Thank You

Message posted by DWood on 26 December 2005 at 5:04pm - IP Logged
Quote DWood
was wondering if anyone had any info on Jim Dunn

Message posted by nwpmike@yahoo.ca on 10 January 2006 at 12:20pm - IP Logged
Quote nwpmike@yahoo.ca
looking for any info/ photos on supermodified driver Jack SHARPE who raced Lobo 1 at Nilestown,Deleware ect.in the late 50s until he retired in early 60s following a bad end over crash at Delaware.                thanks M

Message posted by Gary on 11 January 2006 at 9:53pm - IP Logged
Quote Gary
There is a picture of Jack Sharpe in his SuperMod on The Racechasers web site  www.theracechasers.com/     Go to the Scrapbook and look under SuperModified Scrapbook. 

Message posted by tvguy on 02 February 2006 at 10:06pm - IP Logged
Quote tvguy
Quote: Originally posted by Guest on 10 October 2005

I remember Bob Truax and his #1. That car always had a different sound to it.     Another name I neglected to mention was Bernie Campbell, #7 driving a 1957 Chev.

Those were the days.


My name is Brad, Bernie is my father in-law. A good guy, well now his son races (Todd, and was track champ a couple of years back.

Message posted by Gary Brooks on 10 February 2006 at 12:00pm - IP Logged
Quote Gary Brooks

Hey Marty, I have a pic of the red #1 on my garage wall with "Fast Freddy Cameron"  driving ! You can't see much more than the driver in the pic and it's black & white but freddy confirmed the car. I think we use to run around on top of the hill at Delaware yrs ago . Do you remember me? Walt Brooks was my dad , Freddy and my brother Vic drove his cars in the coupe's and then the compacts. Was your mom's car pink? gwb5757@yahoo.com  I also remember seeing your dad crash hard at Cayuga in a Gremlin #4 turn 4 I think? The guy's down at BH&P machine shop have some pic's of that red #1 on the wall also I think.


Message posted by Marty Truax on 10 February 2006 at 2:01pm - IP Logged
Quote Marty Truax
Hi Gary. I can remember running around on the hill with a bunch of "racin rugrats". That was many years (and Beers) ago. I remember your dad and brother vic racing the 29 and 30 coupes.(or where they 30 and 31)? I believe Fred Cameron drove one of these' right? As for the powder puff, it was a red #6. My kids dont believe that grandma used to race! The crash at cayuga was dads last race in the purple #2 gremlin. (1975). Its great to talk to someone that was there from the good old days. Marty Truax

Message posted by Gary Brooks on 10 February 2006 at 6:28pm - IP Logged
Quote Gary Brooks

Close guess Marty 29 Vic 30 Freddy & 32 Bob McCormick . Vic was running the vega 29 back then . I thought that was the last time your dad drove. I don't know if this happened the same weekend but do you remember the tomato fight in the camp grounds ? I also remember free corn roasts at Cayuga. I was 13 yrs old then (you do the math)lol !  I've been racing since 81 and have a 15 yr old son who's racing 440 micro sprints at grand bend speedway this summer. I've got a small block super modified in my shop to run at Cayuga this summer if the class gets going. Shoot me an email and I'll send you some pics. gwb5757@yahoo.com

                             Later, Gary

Message posted by Marty Truax on 10 February 2006 at 9:41pm - IP Logged
Quote Marty Truax
Gary, I dont remember the tomato fight but i do remember the all nighter corn roasts. I can remember some pretty big bonfires on the delaware hill too before having fun was illegal. A lot of drivers and their families would go up top after the races including your family. They even had streakers up there on occasion. These were fun times for sure!!! Hopefully your son and his competition will be a little more behaved ha! ha! ha!

Message posted by Gary Brooks on 10 February 2006 at 11:28pm - IP Logged
Quote Gary Brooks

Ya Right

Message posted by Bace on 27 February 2006 at 11:06am - IP Logged
Quote Bace

  My father pitted and built cars for Bob Hay in the old #49 Hobby Stock.  I remember all of my summer weekends spent at Nilestown on Friday's and Delaware on Saturdays. Does anybody remember Bridgeport Raceway around Waterloo? They used to run on Sunday afternoons.

     Drove by Nilestown one afternoon and found the gates open. Got a chance to drive the track where many of my fondest memories occurred so many years earlier.

Message posted by Bob Ross on 18 March 2006 at 11:21am - IP Logged
Quote Bob Ross

 Many years ago (about 1961 or 2 )I had a '53 Mercury half ton pick-up that I used to tow Bill Burr's race car with.well one night coming home from the C.N.E.on the QEW John MdIntyre pulled alongside me on one  of the detours on the interchanges that were just being built.He was pulling Tammy10 on a single axle open trailer(that's what everybody did if you didn't flat tow) behind a '52 Ford half ton.We made the jog ,straightened out,and accelerated.I was left behind so fast that I almost stuck my toe out the door to see if I was moving lol.Next night at Bridgeport I peeked under McIntyre's hood .There sat a big old nailhead Buick!  Well I just happened to be the proud owner of a '51 Olds with a completely rebuit 324 ohv.That engine was soon in my Mercury.

Doug Syer was a racecar driver who was also a City cop in Burlington.One night he pulls me over (I thought I was getting a ticket). He says"Will you tow me to Nilestown Tuesday night?" To make a long story even longer I said "Sure".In the pits that night were Sam Sessions in the Bingo 151,Nolan Johncock in the Max Dowker #7.Wayne Landon,Johnny Logan(who was to become a close friend),Art Bennet in the Behnke trucking 14,Gordie Johncock and my hero to this day The Brighton Bandit Jack Conelyi n the 221 as well as all the fast Canadians...Jimmy Wilson #576,Al mitchell#24,Harvey Lennox Tammy10,Jack Sharp Lobo1,Jimmy Howard38 Gary Witter19Glenn Schurr36, and many more.When I heard those Michigan cars engines bark with their 4x4 chevies wit h straight drive and watched the tach needle jump with each bark I was hooked and still am.I don't remember who won the race that night but I know I won something that has never left me....love for the SPORT of auto racing..in all its forms.

Message posted by Web master on 18 March 2006 at 1:11pm - IP Logged
Quote Web master

Bob -

Thanks for sharing your memories. Much appreciated.

Message posted by Bob Ross on 20 March 2006 at 11:19pm - IP Logged
Quote Bob Ross
I just checked, in looked at the pictures from 1956 and smelled Pop DeGraw's hot dogs smothered in onions.Anybody else hungry for some trackside tubesteaks???

Message posted by Jake The Snake on 27 August 2006 at 11:46pm - IP Logged
Quote Jake The Snake
Hi people, I grew up in Cooksville, ont and went to most races at the C.N.E. and other country tracks in the area from 1959-1964. I!d love to find any info about Harvey Lennox/ Tammy Ten. I have lived in Victoria, B.C. since 1966 and we race sprint cars in the pacific west coast and U.S.A. As a kid about 7-12 , all my pets were called Tammy, everyone in my family got lots of laughs for this. I read other stories on this website about people getting Tammy Ten wallpaper,Man where was I? The influence Harvey had on my life and supermod / sprintcar racing has stayed with me my whole life. At 53 years old we still have a blast as worriors on pavement, running 600 hp in a 1500 lb car on meth. Anyone with info on Harvey today would sure be appreciated. Answer on this site or e mail me at carrollleslie@hotmail.com                                           Love to hear from  ya, Thanks Jake.

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