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Message posted by Web master on 11áDecemberá2005 at 4:39pm - IP Logged
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Discuss your memories of Langley Speedway.


Message posted by otra75 on 12áDecemberá2005 at 4:03pm - IP Logged
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Langley Speedway I grew up there watching my Dad race from day one with many drivers . He started racing the modifieds in 1979 with a 1931 ford coupe he bought from Al Prendergast , that was originaly built by Keith Whitter in the 60's. I now race that same car in the Old timers Racing Assosiation. I race against Al prendergast today he races the same car he raced back in the 70's , Keith Whitter has also come out many times in the past years. Many other drivers that raced back then have recently come out again. Its great to see all the talk of Langley again, It would be amazing if it could be brought back to life ( I certanly would be willing to give what I could to make it happen) Many of the people from that track are still involved in racing today and I know many more would be willing to come back . Lets hope if there is a big enough support base for the track, That a legitamit attempt to reopen the track is put forward.

Message posted by STEVE LENGERT on 12áDecemberá2005 at 10:45pm - IP Logged
After Langley Speedway closed i was extremely dissapointed. I just could not understand why the city would not support only 14 race dates. I had sold my hobby stock and bought a super stock from Harvey Hoogenboom looking forward to the 1985 season.I think it would be great to have a reunion sometime next summer at the track bringing out our cars and memories.After the track closed there were some car shows held on the speedway.

Message posted by Brian Pratt on 13áDecemberá2005 at 3:14pm - IP Logged
Quote Brian Pratt
Love the Langley Speedway article. I grew up two miles away from the track and went there on a Sunday afternoon many times. On Saturday nights you could hear the track so clearly you could almost make out what was being said on the p.a.

Last October a group I'm part of, the Greater Vancouver Motorsport Pioneers Society, honoured some alumni of Langley Speedway. Don Bennett drove the #90 supermodified there in 1965 and 66 and Ken Klatt drove the #88 B modified from 1965-67.

A previously honoured Pioneer in attendance was Ralph Monhay who drove Jim Marchant's supermodified in the early years of Langley.

While he wasn't in attendance I was amazed that Pioneer Gordy Hemrich was back racing with his son Dave at Agassiz Speedway. Gordy was a legend in superstocks back in the 60s and 70s.

I note that one of the photographs in the story has a couple modified stocks from LARA (Langley Auto Racing Association): #16L of Brian Bishop and #2 of Doug Firth. Doug is still around and I think Brian still works at the same place I do (although it's a big place so I've never met him, only heard he works "on the buses").

As I say, love the article. Lots of memories that are still strong.

Message posted by Shawn Lawler on 13áDecemberá2005 at 3:49pm - IP Logged
Quote Shawn Lawler
Love seeing all the pictures - definitely brings back memories. Langley was quite a popular track around the Northwest and had many legendary drivers try it out. One person that really "owned the track" was Ron Eaton - he generally would come in and clean up on the 100 lap $1000.00 late model super stock invitationals. I have many pictures from the years that I attended races there, from around 74 until closing in 84. I will scan them and send them in - I also have some programs that I may be able to scan the covers for posting. I live in Calgary now, but miss the Saturday nights when, often, the only ring of sun was around the track....must have been the racing Gods

Message posted by Brian Pratt on 14áDecemberá2005 at 12:57am - IP Logged
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Shawn, you're definitely right about legendary drivers racing there what with the CAMRA (Canadian American Modified Racing Association), IDC (International Drivers Challenge), NASCAR and other major series coming through.

Tom Sneva, Herschel McGriff, Larry Phillips, and Joe Ruttman come to mind immediately. Earl Ross as well. The U.S. drivers and Victoria drivers were always a good test for the local guys.

Like you I'll have to send in scans of program covers and photos I have.

Message posted by Doug Morton otra75 on 14áDecemberá2005 at 1:56pm - IP Logged
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I also Hve many pics from Langley so I will also send some and you can post them.

Message posted by Anonymous on 14áDecemberá2005 at 11:22pm - IP Logged
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Roy Smith. R.I.P.

Message posted by Brian Pratt on 16áDecemberá2005 at 1:28am - IP Logged
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Quote: Originally posted by Guest on 14 December 2005
<FONT face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" size=1>Roy Smith. R.I.P.

Yeah, the loss of Roy a couple years back in the fish boat accident has left a hole. Roy was one of the Victoria group that came over to Langley on a regular basis. From the records I've been able to compile Roy won about nine super modified (A modified) mains at Langley and at one point (1977) had the track record at 13.96 seconds. He won a ton more races at Western Speedway in Victoria and elsewhere with the Vantreight super modified. And then he moved onto NASCAR Western Grand National stock cars and won that title four times. That's just part of the reason he was inducted into both the Victoria Auto Racing Hall of Fame and the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame.

Message posted by Brian Pratt on 16áDecemberá2005 at 1:31am - IP Logged
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From the photograph section of the story: is that # 75 super stock (open comp?) driver Roy Blumenhagen?

Message posted by Tina Martins and Allen Motz on 16áDecemberá2005 at 7:17pm - IP Logged
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Im a stock car racing fan and i would love to see The langley Speed way re opened.... Is this a possibility?

Message posted by Steve Lengert on 16áDecemberá2005 at 8:04pm - IP Logged
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to Brian that was Roy bloomenhagen in 1983

Message posted by Web master on 16áDecemberá2005 at 9:50pm - IP Logged
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Quote: Originally posted by Guest on 16 December 2005
Im a stock car racing fan and i would love to see The langley Speed way re opened.... Is this a possibility?

There might be. Bud Bussiere is working on getting it re-opened. Some things have changed recently that may make it possible.  I'll see if Bud can drop in here and tell us about his efforts.


Message posted by bud on 17áDecemberá2005 at 12:36am - IP Logged
Quote bud
hello We are working on game plan now.The people who lobbyed gvrd over twenty years ago to get lease cancelled are gone. They have bigger and better facilities.We have someone in government who wants to help.We are to put together a large noisy association.One hundred thousand taxpayers in langley city and township need to know they own a treasure called langley speedway. Campbell valley park is funded by taxpayers when langley speedway used to pay its bills.Several owners of prominent businesses would like to see track run again.The brick wall of twenty years ago is no longer there. We need lots of help letting so many new people know track exists. Im burning cds with over 500 photo and documents we wiil hand out to anyone who wants to email.So lets get at it.

Message posted by Doug Morton O.T.R.A.75 on 18áDecemberá2005 at 12:46pm - IP Logged
Quote Doug Morton O.T.R.A.75
I am willing to help email me ---

Message posted by Brian Pratt on 18áDecemberá2005 at 6:44pm - IP Logged
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I'm interested in the CD. Email me a

Message posted by on 19áDecemberá2005 at 2:31am - IP Logged

Well it is cool to see discussions of Langley Speedway, never been there but have heard alot of it. seeing that Bud Bussiere  is working on reopening that would be awesome. Canadian racing is alive and well, maybe not much for the lower mainland area, (Kent) but for the rest of canada it is, new track have been opening up in alberta in the last two years, near Calgary, Rocky Mountain Raceway Park, Rimbey, Central Alberta Raceways, plus the other tracks in alberta. I plan on running in Skagit soon and would love to see a local track to run at too.  I'd like to see more pictures on Langley Speedway. cheers


Message posted by Shawn Lawler on 19áDecemberá2005 at 9:31am - IP Logged
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...hey this is exciting! Might even consider moving back to the Lower Mainland for this.....Please send me what you can ( ) and I'll see what I can do from out here. There are many people that have relocated to Alberta from the Lower Mainland. The gentleman that announces @ RaceCity (which unfortunately will not be open next year, @ this point), Dave Rowe, grew up watching races @ Langley Speedway - he works in Radio in Calgary as a broadcaster on the Sports Talk station---I think he could instigate something from our side of the Mountains


Shawn Lawler

Message posted by jason white on 20áDecemberá2005 at 1:39am - IP Logged
Quote jason white
i was 2weeks old with cotton batton in my ears when i first attended langley speedway, my dad (marty white) was a two time track champion in the ealy 70's and a camra champion in 1982. its awesome to see some people talking about it again, i would love to turn that track in damn near anything . since then my brother jimmy and i have won track championships at sun valley speedway in vernon,myself in 2003 in streetstocks and jimmy in 2002 in sportsman. we both now run cascar superseries and i claimed rookie of the year honors this past season. my team just purchased a new car last month and my dad (marty white) is planning on running my other car for a race or two in 2006. should be a blast with all three of us in the same race. for anyone that wants to follow our racing ventures, you can check out my web site for updates in the new year. after all langley speedway started this insane bug my family has and if there is anything we can do to help the cause let me    p.s. this is great

Message posted by jason white on 20áDecemberá2005 at 1:41am - IP Logged
Quote jason white
i forgot one thing....."Roy Smith,wherever you will always be the best"   R.I.P.   from the White family.

Message posted by Brian Pratt on 20áDecemberá2005 at 3:33am - IP Logged
Quote Brian Pratt
"Two time track champion"? Heck I have your dad as modified stock (sportsman) points champ for 1974, 75 and 76 at Langley. In 1976 he won ten modified sportsman features (Bill Lawrence, Steve Barnett and Keith Whitter got one each).

You mentioned CAMRA and the supermodifieds. Ten years ago (maybe more) I was down at Monroe, WA for a supermodified race with a friend, Mark McFadyen. Your dad came out to qualify and Mark went "crap I used to race with Marty!" We had someone to cheer for the rest of the night. Can't remember how your dad did that night. There were some pretty hot machines running.

It was another reason why Mark decided that he wanted back into stock cars. He's teamed up with Tony Kaest(1980 Hobby Stock champ at Langley) on a few cars at Kent Raceways (Agassiz Speedway) and won the Street Stock title a couple years ago.

Good luck with your own racing.

Message posted by Doug Morton O.T.R.A 75 on 20áDecemberá2005 at 3:22pm - IP Logged
Quote Doug Morton O.T.R.A 75

Marty White WOW !!! he was the man when i was  kid . I remeber him cleaning up every time out. I have seen Jim White race at Cassidy speedway and Western Speedway , In a sprint car ( or was it Jason ) its great to hear that Cascar has a local flavour now . I have raced at Sunvalley in Vernon. That is some track ! Fast track ,  It would be nice to see a track of that quaility in the lower mainland , Were the fan base is so huge for Nascar. Give people the opertunity to see Up and comers in there own back yard. Just got some Pics from my Dad and Al Prendergast I will post them, Can I post them on this site ( web master ?)

Remeber Shinny side UP!

Message posted by jason white on 20áDecemberá2005 at 10:55pm - IP Logged
Quote jason white
brian i stand corrected, it was three championships, i was only three when he won his first.the night , you watched in munroe was in 1991 when dad ran the "fire and fury " (supermodifieds) tour, i dont recall how we did that night either, it was shortly after that in portland at the old oval when dad broke the track record and waxed the likes of the late billy vuckovich the third and davey hamilton for his biggest accomplishment of his career. he will always hold that track record as the track was torn out about 7 years ago i believe.   
      my brother jim married ken kennedys neice tammy (the tornado)- she one a powder puff race at sun valley three years back in my street stock, and it is funny that you mentioned bill lawerence and steve barnett, bill and lorraine are very good family friends of ours and steve was the flag man at sun valley when i was racing street stocks, my first year i got 6 black flags from him, i personally believe it was pay back for my dad kickin his butt so many times at langley hahaha. we still keep in touch with the cross family and three generations of serrets are on my pit crew(jerry-rob-corey). scott morgan ran with my brother jim at sun valley and the lengerts run a street stock as well.gene if you read this i will take it to my grave "i did not mean to reck you".so the langley pride lives on.
     doug, that was jimmy that you watched on the island, he was honing his skills and has now become one of the top drivers in western canada. yes sun valley is a great track to race at, i think we need langley to come back to life so we can run there again one day. chow #21 jw

Message posted by web master on 20áDecemberá2005 at 11:57pm - IP Logged
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Quote: Originally posted by Guest on 20 December 2005

<FONT face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" color=blue size=3>Marty White WOW !!! he was the man when i was kid . I remeber him cleaning up every time out. I have seen Jim White race at Cassidy speedway and Western Speedway , In a sprint car ( or was it Jason ) its great to hear that Cascar has a local flavour now . I have raced at Sunvalley in Vernon. That is some track ! Fast track , It would be nice to see a track of that quaility in the lower mainland , Were the fan base is so huge for Nascar. Give people the opertunity to see Up and comers in there own back yard. Just got some Pics from my Dad and Al Prendergast I will post them, Can I post them on this site ( web master ?)

<FONT face=Arial color=#0000ff size=3>Remeber Shinny side UP!

e-mail the photos to me and I'll post them.

Message posted by steve lengert on 21áDecemberá2005 at 1:50am - IP Logged
Quote steve lengert

I spent many hours at the track on none race days cutting back brush and grass along the wall and in the stands.In return i recieved free pit passes for car and crew.I bought my first car from Black Jack Cross winning rookie of the year.Years before just up our street my dad would work on Glen Parsons A modified #56.Thats where i got the # from and still use it 30 years later on my Katana late model.That modified still sticks in my mind idiling in the garage on alcohol with 3 foot flames out the sidepipes.I think the rear tires were 22 inches wide ,8 fuel injection stacks ,front wing and large top wing showed some serious attitude.Parsons once maybe twice ran over the starter at Langley when they used to stand on the track , luckily no serious injuries.An old program had a cartoon of this that would be cool to see again.

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