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Message posted by Web master on 18 February 2006 at 6:28pm - IP Logged
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Discuss the two 1967 USAC Indy Car races in Canada.

Message posted by Ludewig on 07 January 2008 at 1:12pm - IP Logged
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Hi Canadian Racer,

This is really a request rather than a "discussion", but I'm submitting it anyway in hopes you might be able "to tell me where to go"(!).

I've been trying to find pictures of the #47 "Weinberger Homes" car driven in the August 6 race at Mt. Tremblant by Johnny Rutherford (Heat 1), and Bobby Unser (Heat 2). Although it wasn't a front running car, I've been told at least one photo exists, and the name on the back of the photo (supposedly the photographer) is "Mollit", or something similar. Unfortunately, my internet searches have been unable to locate Mr. "Mollit", and the person who told me about the photo is unable/unwilling to copy. I don't know if this photo would answer my questions (is it really the #47, and does it indeed have a Ford engine?)*, but I'd really like to obtain some photos from this event as I'm attempting to compile a complete photographic record of the competition history of the car and this race is one of "gaps" still remaining.

* I apologize for appearing to "question" your article but the results of an earlier '67 event also describe the car as being Ford powered although photos show it to be have a Turbo-Offy. 

So the questions are (finally):

  Do you know whoMr "Mollit" (or whoever) is, and how to contact him?

  Do you know of any other possible sources for photos from this event?

  Do you know of anyone who may have taken photos of this car from 1970-1975, when it was owned by Ludwig Heimrath?

If you think you might be able to help, please e-mail me at:

I will be happy to cover any costs of photos and research involved.

"Thank You" for all your trouble.


Don Ludewig

Message posted by BluePacer on 18 April 2008 at 9:36pm - IP Logged
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Hi Canadian Racers,

I am looking for photos of the parade cars from the 1967 Telegram Trophy Race, for the 1967 Labatt Indy at Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant on August 6., and the 1967  Players Canadian Grand Prix. These cars were 67 Camaro convertibles similar to the ones used to pace the Indy 500 in May of 67. Any photos or video would be helpful. I can be reached a telecomsonly @ Thanks for any help or suggestions you may have....

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