Ghost Tracks - Orillia Speedway
Dirt oval

Chris Burrage visited the site of the old Orillia Speedway in April of 2008 and sent along these photos.

Orillia was a dirt track, but the track surface is still remarkably easy to see. The only remains of infrastructure is the lone, remaining light stand. The track is located on the 15/16th side road just off the 14th line of Oro.

I have very little information on the history of Orillia Speedway. It operated for only the 1952 season. Glen McDonough, the starter, was killed in July of that year. I've seen the track described as 3/4 mile, 1/4 mile and as a 1/3 mile.

If anyone has any more information on Orillia Speedway - photos, programs, points champions, please contact me

Orillia Speedway
Chris wasn't 100% sure of the orientation of the track but he made an educated guess

On the back straight looking back at turn 2

On the back straight looking toward turn 3

A close-up of the berm that surrounds the track on both sides

Turn 2

Looking down the back straight from turn 2


Between turn 1 and 2

Turn 1

Front strech from turn 1

Looking back at turn 1

Half way down the front straight, looking at the exit of turn 4

Light post

Turn 4

Looking back down the front straight from turn 4

Turn 4

between turns 3 and 4

Turn 3

Looking back to turn three from the back straight

Looking down the back straight

Entrance to the track from the pits

One of the gates to the track

Second gate at the top of the hill