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Canadian Race Track Database

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Track NameCityConfgurationName HistoryStatus
Airdrie AirportCalgary, ABpaved road courseClosed
Breckinridge SpeedwayEdmonton, AB1/2 mile dirt oval (1952-?)
1/4 mile dirt oval (?-53)
Bridge County RacewayLethbridge, AB3/8 mile dirt ovalClosed
BrooksBrooks, ABdirt ovalClosed
Brooks SpeedwayBrooks, AB3/8 mile dirt ovalClosed
Calgary Exhibition GroundsCalgary, ABdirt ovalclosed
Calgary International RacewayCalgary, AB1/4 mile drag strip (1963-1981)
1/8 mile drag strip (1982-84)
Shephard Dragway (1963-1974)
Calgary International Dragway (1975-1984)
Calmar RacewayCalmar, AB3/8 mile dirt ovalClosed
Capital RacewayEdmonton, ABdrag stripClosed
Castrol RacewayEdmonton, AB1/4 mile drag stripCapital City Raceway Park (1992-1996)
Labatt Raceway (1997-1999)
Budweiser Motorsports Park (2000-2005)
Castrol Raceway (2006-present)
Castrol RacewayEdmonton, AB3/8 mile clay ovalCapital City Raceway Park (1991-1996)
Labatt Raceway (1997-1999)
Budweiser Motorsports Park (2000-2005)
Castrol Raceway (2006-present)
Castrol RacewayEdmonton, AB1.67 mile road courseOpen
Central Alberta RacewaysRimbey, AB1/8 mile drag stripOpen
Central Alberta RacewaysRimbey, AB1/3 mile dirt ovalOpen
CFB NamaoNamao, ABdrag stripClosed
CFB NamaoNamao, ABroad courseClosed
CFB SuffieldMedicine Hat, AB1/4 mile drag stripClosed
Circle 8 SpeedwayCalgary, AB1/4 mile dirt oval (1966)
1/4 mile paved oval (1967-1980)
Stampede Speedway (1966-1970)
Circle 8 Speedway (1971-1980)
Claresholm AirportClaresholm, AB1.7 mile road courseClosed
Cobra RacewayEdmonton, AB1/4 mile paved oval (1954-1971)
1/4 mile paved oval (1978-1983)
Speedway Park (1954-1969)
Edmonton International Speedway (1969-71)
Cobra Raceway (1978-1983)
Coronation FairgroundsCoronation, ABdirt ovalClosed
Cross Road SpeedwayRed Deer, AB1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
De Winton AirportCalgary, ABroad courseClosed
DidsburyDidsbury, ABdirt ovalClosed
Dinosaur Downs SpeedwayDrumheller, AB3/8 dirt ovalOpen
Dinosaur Downs SpeedwayDrumheller, AB1/2 mile dirt ovalOpen
Drayton Valley SpeedwayDrayton Valley, AB1/4 mile dirt ovalRapidfire Motorsports Park (2000-2006)
Drayton Valley Speedway (2016-present)
Edmonton City Centre AirportEdmonton, AB2.74 km paved road courseClosed
Edmonton ExhibitionEdmonton, AB1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Edmonton International AirportEdmonton, ABroad courseClosed
Edmonton International RacewayWetaskiwin, AB1/4 mile dirt oval (1969-1993)
1/4 mile paved oval (1994-present)
Sunset Speedway (1969-2000)
Edmonton International Raceway (2001-present)
Edmonton International SpeedwayEdmonton, AB1/4 mile drag stripClosed
Edmonton International SpeedwayEdmonton, AB7/8 mile paved ovalClosed
Edmonton International SpeedwayEdmonton, AB1.5, 2.0, 2.46 mile paved road coursesSpeedway Park (1968-1969)
Edmonton International Speedway (1969-1982)
Ford Macleod AirportFort Macleod, ABdrag stripClosed
Fort MacleodFort Macleod, AB1/4 mile paved drag stripClosed
Fort Whoop Up SpeedwayLethbridge, AB1/4 mile dirt trackClosed
Gentennial RacewayCamrose, ABovalClosed
Grande Prairie SpeedwayGrande Prairie, AB3/8 mile clay ovalClosed
Hanna Hanna, ABdirt ovalClosed
Hanna Roundup GroundsHanna, AB1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Hidden Valley Motorsports ParkDrumheller, AB1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Hinton RacewayHinton, AB3/8 mile clay ovalMountainview Raceway (1974-2002)
Yellowhead Raceway (2003-?)
Hinton Raceway (?-2007)
Hythe Motor SpeedwayHythe, AB3/8 mile paved ovalOpen
Lee LakeLee Lake, AB1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Lethbridge Exhibition GroundsLethbridge, AB1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Lethbridge Expo SpeedwayLethbridge, AB1/4 mile dirt oval (1966)
1/4 mile paved oval (1967-1970's)
MacMurray Raceway ParkWainwright, ABovalClosed
McMurray Speedway ParkFort McMurray, AB3/8 mile clay ovalClosed
Medicine HatMedicine Hat, AB1/8 and 1/4 mile drags on streetsClosed
Medicine Hat DragwayMedicine Hat, AB1/8 mile drag strip (1992-2000)
1/4 mile mile drag strip (2001-present)
Medicine Hat Speedway
Medicine Hat Motor Plex
Medicine Hat SpeedwayMedicine Hat, AB1/3 mile paved ovalOpen
Medicine Hat SpeedwayMedicine Hat, AB3/8 mile dirt ovalClosed
MidnaporeMidnapore, ABdirt ovalClosed
NantonNanton, ABdirt ovalClosed
OldsOlds, ABdirt ovalClosed
Peace RiverPeace River, AB1/4 mile dirt trackClosed
Penner SpeedwayLa Crete, AB1/4 miled dirtOpen
Pinetree CircuitPearce, AB1.7 mile paved airfieldClosed
Prairieland RacewaySedgewick, AB3/8 mile clay ovalBattle River Stock Car Track
Tri Way Oval Raceway
Race City Motorsports ParkCalgary, AB2 mile paved road courseClosed
Race City Motorsports ParkCalgary, AB1/4 mile paved drag stripClosed
Race City Motorsports ParkCalgary, AB1/2 mile paved ovalClosed
RCAF Lincoln ParkCalgary, ABroad courseclosed
Red CliffRed Cliff, AB1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Red Deer ExhibitionRed Deer, AB1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Rimbey FairgroundRimbey, ABroad courseClosed
Rocky Mountain Raceway ParkOkotoks, AB1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
RosebudRosebud, ABdirt ovalClosed
Sangudo SpeedwaySangudo, AB1/4 mile dirt ovalOpen
Shepard RacewaysCalgary, ABpaved road courseClosed
South Alberta SpeedwayMedicine Hat, ABdirt ovalClosed
Speedway 99Grande Prairie, ABdirt ovalClosed
Springbank SpeedwayCalgary, AB1/4 mile paved ovalClosed
Stampede SpeedwayCalgary, ABdirt ovalClosed
Standard SpeedbowlStandard, AB1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Stratotech Park International RacewayFort Saskatchewan, AB1.2 mile paved road courseClosed
Sundance SpeedwayFort Macleod, AB1.9 mile paved road courseFort Macleod Airport (1962)
Sundance Speedway (1964-66)
TaberTaber, AB1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Tailcreek RacewayAlix, AB3/8 mile dirt ovalClosed
Thunder in the ValleyDrayton Valley, AB1/4 mile drag stripOpen
Victoria ParkCalgary, AB1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
VulcanVulcan , ABovalClosed
Wainwright SpeedwayWainwright, AB1/4 mile clay ovalWainwright Speedway (1959-60)
Speedway Park (1961)
Westwind OvalEdmonton, AB3/8 mile paved ovalClosed
World of FEARFort Macleod, AB1/8 mile paved Figure 8Closed