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Checker Flag Speedway

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Windsor, ON

Years in Operation: 1961-1992

Name History:
Checker Flag Raceway (1961-1973)
Checker Flag International Speedway (1974-1983)
Checker Flag Motor Speedway (1984-?)
Windsor Speedway (1992)

Track Configurations:
1/4 mile dirt oval (1961-1966)
1/3 mile dirt oval (1966-68)
3/8 mile dirt oval (1969-1973)
3/8 mile paved oval (1974-1992)


  • Originally started out as a go-kart track, known as Pratt Raceway

  • The land and go-kart track was owned by Francis Pratt who wanted to open a stock car track instead

  • He found two partners - Herman Modlinsky and Dennis Fauteaux

  • 1961 - a group of drivers formed the Western Ontario Stock Car Racing Association

  • most of the drivers had competed at Tilbury, Dayus, Bluebird

  • In the early years the cars were 30s coupes and coaches

  • The track shut down for a week in late May of 1966 to be reconfigured as a 1/3 mile

  • Herman Modlinsky died in 1966 and Francis Pratt sold his share to Dennis Fateaux's sons Gary and Ron

  • 1967 Semi-Late Models were introduced: 57 Chevs and Fords

  • 1967- Coupes became the Sportsman class

  • Bought by Jack Monahan, John Fahringer and Mark Cable in February of 1974

  • 1974 NASCAR Canada was the sanction, Camaros and Firebirds were common

  • Tom Hannan was the promoter in 1977-79

  • Super Late Models were the top division until 1984

  • Sold to Bob Robinson (who had been promoter) in 1983

  • 1984 Street Stocks became Late Model Sportsman and Thunder and Thumpers were added

  • 1985 added the Canadian National Stock Car class Monte Carlos, Regals, Thunderbirds

  • By 1987 City of Windsor had grown and was getting close to the track. Large homes were right next door

  • Track closed at the end of the 1992 season to become a subdivision