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Delaware Speedway

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Delaware, ON

Years in Operation: 1952-present

Name History:
BrodieŽs Delaware Raceway (1952-?)
Delaware International Speedway (?-1982)
Delaware Speedway Park (1983-?)

Track Configurations:
1/4 mile dirt oval (1952-60)
1/4 mile paved oval (1960-69)
1/2 mile paved oval (1969-present)


  • The original owner was Hugh Brodie

  • Bruce Martin took over the track in 1960

  • Ross Cockwell and Bill Farrish became promoters in 1961

  • Ross Cockwell was the sole promoter from 1964-68

  • The conversion from a 1/4 mile to 1/2 mile only required a 1 week shutdown in 1969

  • The track opened on August 22 as a half mile

  • Jack Greedy became the promoter in 1969

  • Switched to Saturday night in 1972 (from Friday)

  • The property was sold to Nick Spivak in 1974

  • Hugh Brodie had been the owner since the beginning but rented out the track to various promoters - Spivak continued to do the same thing

  • Jack Greedy sold the lease to Bill Prince in late 1975

  • Brian Pratt became promoter in the middle of the 1977 season

  • Tony Novotny became the lease-holder / promoter in 1979

  • Brad McGonigle and a group of investors purchased the lease in the fall of 2000 - McGonigle became the promoter

  • Arlen Scherba became the sole lease-holder in the off-season between 2008 and 2009

  • On Dec 1, 2011 a new management group consisiting of the de Melo and Spivak families took over control of the track