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Peterborough Speedway

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Peterborough, ON


Years in Operation: 1967-present

Name History:
Westgate Speedway (1967-1986)
Peterborough-Westgate Speedway (1987)
Peterborough Speedway (1988-present)

Track Configurations:
1/4 mile paved (1967-1992)
1/3 mile paved oval (1993-present)

Points Champions: (please note - for tracks that are still operating, the more recent years may not be updated regularly)
1967Late Model Doug Warnes
19686 Cylinder Claude Harness
1968Flathead 8
1968Flathead 8 Carmen Irwin
1968Overhead 8 Bob Moxon
19696 Cylinder Art Robinson
1969Flathead 8 Dave Lynch
1969Overhead 8 Earl Parsons
19706 Cylinder Ron Robinson
1970Hobby Dave Lynch
1970Late Model Diamond Art Robinson
1971Diamond Claude Harness
1971Hobby Dave Lynch
1973Charger Peter Van Eindhoven
1973Diamond Claude Harness
1974Diamond Stu Hunter
1975Late Model Ron Mace
1975Street Stock
1976Limited Late Model Gord Wallace
1976Street Stock Ed Nesbitt
1977Limited Late Model John Eacott
1977Stocker Peter Van Eindhoven
1977Street Stock
1978Late Model John Eacott
1978Street Stock Mike Bricknell
1979Limited Late Model Mike Shane
1979Stocker Larry Sullivan
1979Street Stock Mike Bricknell
1980Limited Late Model
1980Street Stock John Baker
1981Late Model Dave Taylor
1981Street Stock John Baker
1982Limited Late Model Dave Lynch
1982Street Stock Brian Bassett
1983Ladies Diane Peggie
1983Late Model Check Treybal
1983Street Stock Dale McClurg
1984Ladies Cindy Lane
1984Late Model Terry Robichaud
1984Street Stock Brian Bassett
1985Ladies Janie Whittington
1985Late Model Brian Cathcart
1985Street Stock Bill Northam
1986Late Model
1986Late Model Sportsman
1987Late Model
1987Late Model Sportsman Derek Lynch
1988Late Model Mike Bricknell
1988Late Model Sportsman
1989Late Model
1989Late Model Sportsman
1991Challenger Jim Jackson
1991Super Late Model John Owen
1991Thunder Car Dan DiMarco
1992Challenger Rod Marshall
1992Super Late Model Al Crawford
1992Thunder Car Jason Clark
1993Late Model Sportsman
1993Super Late Model Robbie Thompson
1993Thunder Car
1994Challenger Dan McHattie
1994Late Model Sportsman Barry Douglas
1994Super Late Model Earl Ireland
1994Thunder Car Derek Woodward
1995Challenger Kelly Balson
1995Late Model Darragh Moroney
1995Thunder Car Scott McCormack
1996Challenger Derek Woodward
1996Late Model
1996Super Late Model
1996Thunder Car
1997Challenger Derek Woodward
1997Late Model Rob Howard
1997Super Late Model
1997Thunder Car John Baker, Jr
1998Challenger Kelly Balson
1998Ladies Sarah Martin
1998Late Model Dan McHattie
1998Thunder Car Pat Wallwork
1999Challenger Kelly Balson
1999Late Model Rob Howard
1999Thunder Car
2000Challenger Kelly Balson
2000Late Model John Baker, Sr
2000Legends Jim Nagy
2000Thunder Car Craig Graham
2001Challenger Kelly Balson
2001Legends Jim Nagy
2001Mini Stock Dwight Lavoie
2001Thunder Car Ryan Kimball
2002Mini Stock
2002Thunder Car
2003Challenger John Baker, Sr
2003Mini Stock John Baker, Jr
2003Thunder Car Donny Beatty