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Pinecrest Speedway
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Concord, ON


Years in Operation: 1952-1976

Name History:

Track Configurations:
1/4 mile paved oval

Points Champions: (please note - for tracks that are still operating, the more recent years may not be updated regularly)
1952Stock Car
1953Stock Car Bill Nugent
1954Stock Car Ivan Moore
1955Stock Car Jack Cook
1956Ladies Mrs. Mackereth
1956Stock Car Glenn Schurr
1957Jalopy Jack Mashinter
1957Stock Car Jack Burbridge
1958Jalopy Carl Martin
1958Ladies Marg Daniels
1958Stock Car Jim Hallahan
1959Ladies Betty Carcone
1959Stock Car Jim Hallahan
1960Jalopy Vic Parsons
1960Modified Mac Bound
1961Jalopy Ed Bell
1961Ladies Betty Carcone
1961Modified Mac Bound
1963Late Model Jerry Watson
1964Late Model Jerry Watson
1965Ladies Joan Howard
1965Late Model Jim Hallahan
1966Late Model Ross Howes
1967Late Model Ross Howes
1968Late Model Gord Dolphin
1969Late Model Jack Cook
1970Late Model Norm Lelliott
1971Late Model George Reuffer
1972Late Model Tom Cuzzilla
1973Late Model Don Beiderman
1974Late Model Tom Milligan
1975Late Model Don Beiderman
1975Stocker Al Pacey
1976Late Model Tom Milligan
1976Stocker Al Pacey