Canadian Race Track Database

Langley Speedway

Langley, BC


Years in Operation: 1965-1984

Name History:
Langley Speedway (1965-1979)
Action Raceway (1980-84)

Track Configurations:
3/8 mile paved oval

Points Champions: (please note - for tracks that are still operating, the more recent years may not be updated regularly)
1965"A" Modified Wayne Wilbey
1965"B" Modified Dennis Goldstraw
1965Jalopy Carmen Parton
1965Stock Reinhard Unruh
1966"B" Modified George Wyse / Alvin Edwards
1966Modified Stock Jack Graham
1967"A" Modified Larry Sproule
1967Early Late Model (BCTRA) Brian Thompson
1967Early Late Model (LARA) Chris Palm
1967Modified Stock Lloyd Bellamy
1967Super Stock (BCTRA) Bob Keam
1967Super Stock (ELRA) John Rothwell
1968"A" Modified Dennis Goldstraw
1968"B" Modified Jack Cross
1968Early Late Model (BCTRA) Ron Morrison
1968Early Late Model (LARA) Frank Fletcher
1968Modified Stock Lloyd Bellamy
1968Super Stock (BCTRA) Jim McMillan
1968Super Stock (ELRA) John Rothwell
1969"A" Modified Bob Warman
1969"B" Modified Ron Morris
1969Early Late Model (BCTRA) Ron Morrison
1969Early Late Model (LARA) Al Tourond
1969Modified Stock Dave Angus
1969Super Stock (BCTRA) George Cook
1969Super Stock (ELRA) John Rothwell
1970"A" Modified Gordie Hemrich
1970Early Late Model Lou Ferguson
1970Modified Stock Dave Angus
1971"A" Modified Len Barcello
1971Early Late To Mair
1971Mini Stock
1971Modified Stock
1971Super Stock B Brad Baerg
1972Super Stock (ELRA) Gordie Hemrich
1973Claimer Brian Devers
1973Modified Stock (LARA) Andie Fentie
1973Super Stock (ELRA) Gordie Hemrich
1974Claimer Harold Harks
1974Modified Stock (LARA) Marty White
1974Super Stock (ELRA) Gordie Hemrich
1975Claimer Jim Godfrey
1975Modified Sportsman Marty White
1975Super Stock (ELRA) Gordie Hemrich
1976Claimer Bud Lynds
1976Modified Sportsman Marty White
1976Super Stock (ELRA) Tom Berrow
1976Super Stock (LMORA) Tom Berrow
1977Claimer Wayne Baber
1977Hobby Stock
1977Modified Sportsman Keith Whitter
1977Super Stock (LMORA) Tom Berrow
1978Claimer Bjorn Illingby
1978Limited Super Stock Al Adams
1978Modified Sportsman Doug Heath
1979Limited Super Stock
1979Modified Sportsman
1980Hobby Stock Tony Kaest
1980Limited Super Stock Tom Berrow
1980Modified Sportsman Bud Lynds
1981Limited Super Stock
1981Modified Sportsman
1982Bomber Murray Chambers
1982Hobby Stock Barry Hilts
1982Open Comp Larry Sproule
1982Super Stock Wayne Baber
1983Bomber Pat Power
1983Hobby Stock Ron Lester
1983Open Comp Bob Fox
1983Open Comp Tom Berrow
1983Super Stock Harvey Hoganboom
1984Hobby Stock
1984Open Comp
1984Super Stock Murray Dyck