Canadian Race Track Database

Acton Speedway

Ospringe, ON


Years in Operation: 1968-1971

Name History:
Occasionally referred to as Acton-Ospringe Speedway in 1969

Track Configurations:
1/4 mile dirt oval (1968)
1/4 mile paved oval (paved late in the 1968 season - 1971)

Ghost Track Photos

This is how Acton Speedway looked in August, 2003. The land slopes somewhat so that drivers on the back straight were going up hill and the front straight, going down hill. Fan parking was behind the grandstand in what is now a working crop field. The pits were located about 50 feet behind the back straight. The entrance to the track from the pits was on the middle of the back straight. This was confirmed by Bryan Rashleigh and the photos that he sent. There were no walls except on the front straight.

The track is located on private property behind a farm.

Archived Discussion

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A Lap Around Acton Speedway
You can still see the start / finish line.
Near the start/finish line looking into turn 1.
Turn 2.
Coming out of turn 2 looking down the back straight.
Mid-way down the back straight.
Turn 3-4.
Turn 4.
Turn 4.
Coming out of turn 4 looking down the front straight.
Other Photos
Turn 1. In the lower right corner you can see the access to the track.
Possibly the spectator ticket booth.
Remains of the grandstands and fence. The track is on the right.
The grandstands.
The front straight guardrail with a gap, probably for the starter to walk onto the track.
Near the start/finish line looking back toward turn 4.
The grandstands as viewed from the track.
At the entrance of turn 3 looking back down the back straight toward turn 2.
Mid-way down the back straight looking back toward turn 2.
In turn 1 looking back up the front straight.
Turn 1-2.