Canadian Race Track Database

Big River Stock Car Track

Big River, SK


Years in Operation: 1980s-1990?

Name History:

Track Configurations:
3/8 mile clay oval

Ghost Track Photos

This is how Big River Stock Car Track looked when Ernie Pothier visited it in June 2012.

It had been closed for around 20 years at this point and was already very grown-over and hard to see any definition of the track. The only bit of track infrastructure that was visible was the starter's stand.

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Front straight, looking toward corner 1. The pit access can be seen where the trail turns right.
On the outside of corner 1.
Corner 2 and the exit to the back straight.
Half-way down the back straight.
Entering corner 3.
Corner 4 and the exit to the front straight.
Starter's stand.
Standing at the track exit to the pits, looking back down the front straight.
Looking back down the front straight from corner 1.
From outside corner 1 and 2.
From outside corner 4, looking down the front straight.
From outside of corner 1, looking toward corner 2.
The road into the track. The trail to left went to the pits and the one to the right went to the spectator area.