Canadian Race Track Database

North Bay Speedway

North Bay, ON


Years in Operation: 1965-67;1978-1984;1987-1992; 1995-2003

Name History:
Sonny Dale Raceway (1965-67)
Sunnydale Speedway (1978-87)
North Bay Speedway (1987-2003)
AKA North Bay Motor Speedway

Track Configurations:
1/4 mile paved oval

Points Champions: (please note - for tracks that are still operating, the more recent years may not be updated regularly)
1966Modified Ed Andryechen
1966Stock Car George Harrison
1967Late Model
19788 Cylinder Ian Malcom
19798 Cylinder
1980Stockers Dennis Evans
1980Super Stocker
1981Sportsman Don Jacobson
1981Street Stock John Houle
1982Limited Sportsman None named due to early closing of the season
1982Street Stock Gord Harling
19834 Cylinder Bill Lloyd
19838 Cylinder Stocker Don Fraser
19844 Cylinder Ken Waldriff
19848 Cylinder Stocker Jay Clouthier
1985- No regular racing
1986- No regular racing
1987Mini Stock Ken Waldriff
19888 Cylinder Super Stock Al Inglis
1988Late Model Compact Gary Harling
1989Late Model Compact Gary Harling
1989Street Stock Wayne Clarida
1990Late Model Compact Gary Harling
1990Street Stock Wayne Clarida
1990Super Stock Phil Reckzin
1991Late Model "A" Gary Harling
1991Late Model "B" Jay Stroud
1991Late Model Compact Jason Caruso
1992Late Model Compact Jason Caruso
1992Street Stock Steve Heikkila
1992Super Stock Gary Harling
1993- No regular racing
1994- No regular racing
1995Street Stock Darin Malcom
1996Street Stock Darin Malcom
19974 Cylinder Pure Stock George O'Donnell
19978 Cylinder Street Stock Andy Baron
19984 Cylinder Pure Stock
19988 Cylinder Street Stock Dustin Kellar
19994 Cylinder Pure Stock Harvey Sutton
19998 Cylinder Street Stock Dustin Kellar
20004 Cylinder Pure Stock Rob Smith
20008 Cylinder Street Stock John Culbert
20014 Cylinder Pure Stock Martin Commanda
20018 Cylinder Street Stock Wayne Clarida
20024 Cylinder Pure Stock James Bissonnette
20028 Cylinder Street Stock Wayne Clarida
20034 Cylinder Pure Stock
20038 Cylinder Street Stock