Canadian Race Track Database

Wallace Speedway

Listowel, ON


Years in Operation: 1969-1974

Name History:

Track Configurations:
1/3 mile dirt oval (1969)
1/3 mile paved oval (1969-1974)

Ghost Track Photos

This is how Wallace Speedway looked in October, 2004.

The surface was still in pretty decent shape at the time. Turns 1-2 have been torn up. I'm assuming this is so that no one will try driving on the track. The land is being used as a cow pasture. I could not get up to the turn 1-2 area because the owner warned me that there was a nasty bull in the field!

The grandstands were along the south side of the track, which was also the pit side. I had originally thought the low berm in the background was for specator seating, but this turned out to be incorrect. The grandstands started just past the access from the pits to the track.

Archived Discussion

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Turn 3-4.
This is the entrance to the track (front straight) from the pits. The main spectator grandstand was just past this entrance.
The front straight is in the foreground. The entrance to the track from the pits is at the right. Turns 1-2 have been ripped up.
Outside of turn 4, looking down the front straight.
Turn 3-4.
The back straight and turn 3.
On the outside of turns 3-4, looking toward turns 1-2.
On the outside of turn 4, looking down the front straight.
Looking down the front straight. Turns 1-2 have been torn up.
The front straight in the foreground, back straight in the background.