Canadian Race Track Database

Westshore Speedway

Victoria, BC


Years in Operation: 1954-2022

Name History:
Western Speedway (1954-2020)
Westshore Speedway (2021-2022)

Track Configurations:
3/8 mile dirt oval (1954-57)
4/10 mile paved oval (1957-2022)

Points Champions: (please note - for tracks that are still operating, the more recent years may not be updated regularly)
1954Stock Cars Dave Cooper
1955Stock Cars Dave Cooper
1956Sprint Cars Bob Simpson
1956Stock Cars Dick Willoughby
1957Stock Cars Dave Cooper
1958Jalopy Dave McLelland
1958Stock Cars Dave Cooper
1959Stock Cars Bob Clarke
1960Stock Cars Al Smith
1961Jalopy Bob Smith
1961Stock Cars Ray Pottinger
1962Modifieds Billy Foster
1962Stock Cars Brian Wilson
1963Jalopy Jim Carvath
1963Stock Cars Brian Wilson
1964B-Modifieds Wally Lum
1964Jalopy Dick Miller
1965Jalopy Ross Surgenor
1965Modifieds Jack Milner
1966Jalopy VARA Earl Pollard
1966Jalopy VITRA Ross Surgenor
1967Stock Cars Roy Haslam
1968Stock Cars Gary Kershaw
1968Super Stock Ross Surgenor
1969Modifieds Roy Smith
1969Semi-Modifieds Ross McIntyre
1969Stock Cars Bill Price (tie)
1969Stock Cars Mel Marshall (tie)
1969Super Stock Gary Kershaw
1970Figure 8 Tony Burrows
1970Foreign Stocks Roy Passmore
1970Late Models Ross Surgenor
1970Modified Roy Smith
1970Stock Cars Harvey St. Hilliare
1971Foreign Stocks Roy Passmore
1971Modified Roy Smith
1971Stock Cars Larry Pollard
1971Super Stock Rick O’Dell
1972Claimers Gary Rowe
1972Stock Cars Tony Johnson
1972Super Stock Rick O’Dell
1973Claimers Gary Rowe
1973Stock Cars Tony Johnson
1973Super Stock Terry Forsyth
1974Claimers Gary Madden
1974Stock Cars Al Smith
1974Super Stock Gary Kershaw
1975Claimers Bill Bartley
1975Super Stock Tony Johnson
1976Hobby Stocks Billy Hitchcox
1976Super Stock Bill Price
1977Hobby Stocks John Robillard
1977Super Stock Bob Collins
1978Stock Cars Gordie Stone
1978Super Stock Orton Kerr
1979Demo Cars Dave Smith
1979Stock Cars Bruce Aldridge
1979Super Stock Terry Forsyth
1980Demo Cars Gord Smith
1980Stock Cars Bruce Aldridge / Dave McIntrye (tie)
1980Super Stock Al Vanderbyl
1981Demo Cars Keith Cahill
1981Stock Cars Bruce Aldrige
1981Super Stock Greg Court
1982Demo Cars Gord Smith
1982Mini Stocks Pat Monohan
1982Stock Cars Gord Smith
1982Super Stock Greg Court
1983Demo Cars Greg Gicas
1983Mini Stocks Mike Grute
1983Stock Cars Terry Dyke
1983Super Stock Dale Taylor
1984Demo Cars Kory Gronnstad
1984Mini Stocks Mike Grute
1984Stock Cars Roger Harrison
1984Super Stock Rockie Collins
1985Demo Cars Gary Madden
1985Mini Stocks Craig Roberts
1985Super Stock Roy Haslam
1986Bombers Tony Grant
1986Demo Cars Darren Propp
1986Mini Stocks Craig Roberts
1986Super Stock Roy Haslam
1987Demo Cars Jamie Peakman
1987Demo Trucks Kerry Steen
1987Mini Stocks Jim McKay
1987Stock Cars Don Smith
1987Street Stocks Trevor Montgomery
1987Super Stock Roy Haslam
1988Claimers Mike Greer
1988Demo Cars Darren Propp
1988Demo Trucks Rick Hartley
1988Mini Stocks Jin McKay
1988Stock Cars Don Smith
1988Street Stocks Trevor Montgomery
1989Claimers Mike Greer
1989Demo Cars Lou Melin
1989Demo Trucks Ed Brueker
1989Mini Stocks Craig Roberts
1989Stock Cars Kory Gronnstad
1990Claimers Joe Dardengo
1990Demo Cars Lou Melin
1990Demo Trucks Ed Brueker
1990IMCA Modified Gary Smith
1990Mini Stocks Jim McKay
1990Stock Cars Kory Gronnstad
1991Claimers Kerry Steen
1991Demo Cars Keith Cahill
1991Demo Trucks Ed Brueker
1991IMCA Modified Rockie Collins
1991Mini Stocks Jim McKay
1991Stock Cars Rob Wilman
1992Claimers Kerry Steen
1992Demo Cars Lou Melin
1992Demo Trucks Ed Brueker
1992IMCA Modified Rockie Collins
1992Mini Stocks Jim McKay
1992Stock Cars Ken Hearne
1993Claimers Tim Christy
1993Demo Cars Jamie Peakman
1993Demo Trucks Randy Desiatnyk
1993IMCA Modified Gary Smith
1993Mini Stocks Jim McKay
1993Stock Cars Curt Hagen
1993Thunder Cars Rick Petillion
1994Can Am Super Stocks Roy Haslam
1994Claimers Danny Madden
1994Demo Cars Gord Creed
1994Demo Trucks Randy Desiantnyk
1994IMCA Modified Rob Scott
1994Mini Stocks Rick Parker
1994Thunder Cars Rick Petillion
1995Can Am Super Stocks Roy Haslam
1995Claimers Brian Wakelin
1995Demo Cars Peter Quakenbush
1995Demo Trucks Darren Yates
1995IMCA Modified Rob Scott
1995Mini Figure 8 Keith Cahill
1995Mini Stocks Rick Parker
1995Thunder Cars Lou Melin
1996Claimers Danny Madden
1996Demo Cars Joe Liberatore
1996Demo Trucks Ed Brueker
1996Mini Figure 8 Gord Creed
1996Mini Stocks Bob Gilles
1996Super Stock Jason Frost
1996Thunder Cars Tim Christy
1997Claimers Brad Watkins
1997Demo Cars Kirk Peacey
1997IMCA Modified Rob Scott
1997Late Models Don Smith
1997Mini Figure 8 Dave Isles
1997Mini Stocks Bob Gilles
1997Thunder Cars Tim Christy
1998Claimers AJ Quakenbush
1998Demo Cars Kirk Peacey
1998Demo Trucks Roger Artel
1998IMCA Modified Rob Scott
1998Late Models Don Smith
1998Mini Figure 8 John Earl
1998Mini Stocks Bob Gilles
1998Sportsman Ray Bowen
1998Thunder Cars Tim Christy
1999Claimers Mark Lockart
1999Demo Cars Kirk Peacy
1999Demo Trucks Scott Harrison
1999IMCA Modified Duane Zienstra
1999Mini Figure 8 Robin Trotter
1999Mini Stocks Paul Alexander
1999Sportsman Tim Christy
1999Stock Cars Mike Dibblee
2000Claimers Dave Reside
2000Demo Cars Robbie Haslam
2000Demo Trucks Gerry Keifert
2000IMCA Modified Tim Openshaw
2000Mini Figure 8 Gord Creed
2000Mini Stocks Paul Alexander
2000Road Hogs Tony Pitts/Ross Moore
2000Sportsman Tim Christy
2000Stock Cars Kirk Peacey
2000WILROC Sprint Cars Dave Emmerson
2001Claimers AJ Quakenbush
2001Demo Cars Brian Baker
2001Demo Trucks Keith Cahill
2001Dwarf Cars Grant Abel
2001Mini Figure 8 Bryce Muir
2001Mini Stocks Ken Shurrman
2001Sportsman Tim Christy
2001Stock Cars Brian Clutchey
2001WILROC Sprint Cars Darren Yates
2002Claimers Brian Wakelin
2002Demo Cars Marty Hanson
2002Demo Trucks Billy Stidson
2002Dwarf Cars Grant Abel
2002IMS4 Mini Stocks Gilles Parenteau
2002Mini Figure 8 Roger Beck
2002Sportsman Steve Gamble
2002Stock Cars Brent Morris
2002WILROC Sprint Cars Jeff Bird
2003Claimers Paul Atkinson
2003Demo Cars Marty Hanson
2003Demo Trucks Mark Lefebvre
2003Dwarf Cars Barry Anderson
2003IMS4 Mini Stocks Mike Nyeste
2003Mini Figure 8 Dave Isles
2003Motorcycles Jeff Evernden
2003Sportsman Lance Wade
2003Stock Cars Brent Morris
2003WILROC Sprint Cars Jeff Montgomery
2004Claimers Geoff Morris
2004Demo Cars Tyler Clough
2004Demo Trucks Darren Keeler
2004Dwarf Cars Barry Anderson
2004IMS4 Mini Stocks Chris Joyes
2004Mini Figure 8 Aaron Wilkie
2004Stock Cars Scott Gillies
2004WILROC Sprint Cars Jeff Montgomery
2005Claimers Brian Wakelin
2005Demo Cars Shawn Chalmers
2005Demo Trucks Darren Keeler
2005Dwarf Cars Rich Kosokoski
2005IMS4 Mini Stocks Kyle Vantreight
2005Mini Figure 8 Brad Watkins
2005Stock Cars Brian Clutchey
2005WILROC Sprint Cars Jason Beaulieu
2006Claimers Brian Wakelin
2006Demo Cars George Haywood
2006Demo Trucks Rob Wood
2006Dwarf Cars Jeremy Stevens
2006IMS4 Mini Stocks Justin Woodske
2006Mini Figure 8 Chris Hamber
2006Stock Cars Geoff Morris
2006WILROC Sprint Cars Scott Aumen
2007Claimers Eric Fournier
2007Demo Cars Doug Richens
2007Demo Trucks Bill Shire
2007Hornets Daryl Crocker
2007IMS4 Mini Stocks Justin Woodske
2007Mini Figure 8 Kyle Ridley
2007Stock Cars Ryan Wade
2007WILROC Sprint Cars Scott Aumen
2008Claimers Brian Wakelin
2008Demo Cars Brad Smith
2008Demo Trucks Aasen Baker
2008Dwarf Cars Dave Emmerson
2008Hornets Phil Lagan
2008IMS4 Mini Stocks Lois Pollard-Grant
2008Mini Figure 8 Shawn Hitchings
2008Mini Van Glen Percival
2008Stock Cars Ryan Wade
2008WILROC Lites Jessie Dardengo
2008WILROC Sprint Cars Scott Aumen
2009Bombers Brian Wakelin
2009Bombers Danny Mathews
2009Demo Cars Mark Parkinson
2009Demo Trucks George Haywood
2009Dwarf Cars Dave Emmerson
2009Hornets Expert Bill Peacey
2009Hornets Rookie Gennifer Isles
2009IMS4 Mini Stocks Lois Pollard-Grant
2009Late Models Jason Tarasenko
2009Mini Figure 8 Cam Wilkinson
2009Mini Van Kail Beck
2009Stock Cars Ryan Wade
2009WILROC Lites Deter Lejeune
2009WILROC Sprint Cars Scott Aumen
2010Bombers Brandon Steen
2010Demo Cars Mark Parkinson
2010Demo Trucks Heath Cooper
2010Dwarf Cars Mike Meeres
2010Hornets Expert Cam Stanfield
2010Hornets Rookie Mike Halls
2010IMS4 Mini Stocks Alex Mouner
2010Late Models Rory Smith
2010Mini Figure 8 Brandon Young
2010Stock Cars Ryan Wade
2010WILROC Lites Marc Parkinson
2010WILROC Sprint Cars Jeff Bird
2011Bombers Brandon Steen
2011Demo Cars Greg Sagmoen
2011Demo Trucks Kevin Knight
2011Dwarf Cars Sean Sanger
2011Hornets Expert Cam Stanfield
2011Hornets Rookie Glen Rand
2011IMS4 Mini Stocks Alex Mouner
2011Late Models Jason Tarasenko
2011Mini Figure 8 Kyle Rizok
2011Stock Cars Ryan Wade
2011WILROC Non Wing Jesse Dardengo
2011WILROC Sprint Cars Darren Yates
2012Bombers Aaron Cameron
2012Demo Cars Joe Liberatore
2012Demo Trucks George Haywood
2012Hornets Ryan Smith
2012IMS4 Mini Stocks Jeremy Waksel
2012Late Models Wade Bland
2012Mini Figure 8 Brandon Young
2012Stock Cars Cody Aumen
2012WILROC Lites Jeff Bird
2013Bombers Bobby Cyr
2013Demo Cars JimYoung
2013Demo Trucks George Haywood
2013Dwarf Cars Ike Amitage
2013Hornets Cam Standfield
2013IMS4 Mini Stocks Justin Woodske
2013Late Models Geoff Morris
2013Mini Figure 8 Rhett Sevizs
2013Stock Cars Dave Reside
2013WILROC Non Wing Mike Haslam
2014Bombers Aaron Cameron
2014Demo Cars JimYoung
2014Demo Trucks Billy Stidston
2014Dwarf Cars Stuart Lee
2014Hornets Brandon Steen
2014IMS4 Mini Stocks Sean Constantine
2014Junior Modifieds Lane Zerbin
2014Late Models Wade Bland
2014Mini Figure 8 Rhett Sevizs
2014Stock Cars Kyle Cottam
2014WILROC Non Wing Mark Stewart
2015Bombers Aaron Cameron
2015Demo Cars George Haywood
2015Demo Trucks Billy Stidston
2015Junior Modifieds Trevor Copp
2015Late Models Wade Bland
2015Mini Figure 8 Rhett Sevizs
2015Stock Cars Chris McInerney
2016Bombers Brad Aumen
2016Claimers Brian Calderwood
2016Demos Jamie Morgan
2016Dwarf Cars Brandon French
2016Hornets Bailey Walker
2016Late Models Wade Bland
2016MF 8s Daryn Cahill
2016Stock Cars Brendan Moore
2017Bombers Sean Whitley
2017Claimers Curtis Boyce
2017Hornets Mitch Melin
2017Late Models Bob Kuhn
2017MF 8s Kail Beck
2017Stock Cars Spencer Carlson
2018Bombers Tony Kambo
2018Claimers Dennis Stewart
2018Demo Cars and Trucks George Haywood
2018Hornets Jackie Icacson
2018Late Models Dave Hemrich
2018MF 8s Jenn New
2018Stock Cars Brendan Moore
2018Super Sprints
2019Bombers Tony Kambo
2019Claimers Nolan Perry
2019Demo Cars and Trucks Carig Holfeld
2019Junk Yard - Cars Avery Shoaf
2019Junk Yard - Trucks Jake Matthews
2019Late Model Brandon Carlson
2019MF 8s Jenn New
2019Stock Cars Dave Reside
2019Super Sprints Jeff Montgomery
2020None due to COVID-19 pandemic
2021Bombers Cam Stanfield
2021Claimers Mike Dash
2021Demo Cars and Trucks Cody Young
2021Dwarf Cars Jeff Vonkampen
2021Figure 8 Daryn Cahill
2021Hornets - small track Dave Featherby
2021Late Model Rory Smith
2021Stock Cars Brendan Moore