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Ghost Tracks - Dayus Raceway
1/4 mile paved oval
Windsor, ON

If anyone has any more information on Dayus Raceway - photos, programs, points champions, years in use, etc please contact me webmaster@motorsportscentral.com.

Photos are courtesy of Barry Dunbar

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#T-12 Bill Bignell

#T8 Armand Robinson

#10 J. Banks, #69 Baz Westfall, #66 Don "Speedy" Smith

#43 Max Belland, #313 Don (Cookie) Cookson

#8 Ken Richards, #65 Johnny Jeffery, #28 Bill Condruck

Chuck Glazer

#9 Chuck Glazer, #24 Eddie George

Lenard Johns rides the wall

Johnny Banks

Cliff Lafromboise


Program cover