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Canadian Race Track Database

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Track NameCityConfgurationName HistoryStatus
ActonActon, ON1.5 mile dirt off-road courseClosed
Acton SpeedwayOspringe, ON1/4 mile dirt oval (1968)
1/4 mile paved oval (paved late in the 1968 season - 1972)
Ailsa CraigAilsa Craig, ONdirt ovalClosed
Airport DragsSt. Thomas, ONdrag stripClosed
Alexandra ParkOshawa, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Algoma SpeedwaySault Ste. Marie, ONdirt ovalClosed
Ancaster FairgroundsAncaster, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Angling Road & Governors RoadWoodstock, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Apsley Acres SpeedwayApsley, ONovalClosed
ArthurArthur, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Ascot Park SpeedwayTillsonburg, ON1/3 mile dirt ovalClosed
Atherton SpeedwaySimcoe, ON1/4 mile dirt oval (1953)
1/4 mile paved oval (1954?-late 1950's)
1/4 mile paved oval (1970-?)
Atikokan SpeedwayAtikokan, ONdirt ovalClosed
Aylmer FairgroundsAylmer, ONdirt ovalClosed
Barker Memorial RacewaysGeraldton, ON5/16 mile dirt ovalClosed
BarrieBarrie, ON1/3 mile dirtClosed
Barrie RacewayBarrie, ONdirt ovalClosed
Barrie SpeedwayBarrie, ON1/4 mile paved oval (1965-2004)
1/3 mile paved tri-oval (2005-present)
Barrie Speedway (1965-?)
Twin Cities Speedway
Barrie Speedway Park 2000 (1997)
Motorplex Park (1998)
Barrie Speedway (1999-present)
BeamsvilleBeamsville, ONpaved ovalClosed
Beamsville FairgroundsBeamsville, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Beidas SpeedwayFenwick, ON1/6 mile dirt/pavedClosed
Bell City SpeedwayLakefield, ON1/4 mile dirt oval (1967-1969)
1/4 mile paved oval (1969-1970)
Belleville FairgroundsBelleville, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalOpen
Ben MarBrantford, ON1/2 mile ovalClosed
Binbrook FairgroundsBinbrook, ON1/2 mile ovalClosed
Bingeman ParkKitchener, ON1 mile dirt off-road
3/4 mile dirt off-road
Bismarck SpeedwayBismarck, ON5/8 mile dirt oval & 1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Bismarck SpeedwayBismarck, ONvarious configs between .6 mile and 1.5 mile dirt off-roadClosed
Blackstock FairgroundsBlackstock, ON1/2 mile ovalClosed
Blezard Valley SpeedwayVal Caron, ON1/3 mile dirtClosed
Bluebird SpeedwayWindsor, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Bluewater SpeedwayPort Elgin, ON1/3 mile dirt ovalClosed
Bolton FairgroundsBolton, ON1/2 mile ovalClosed
Brampton Memorial AreaBrampton, ONIndoor ovalClosed
Brant Airport Drags, ONpaved drag stripClosed
Bridgeport SpeedwayKitchener, ON1/4 mile dirt oval (1951)
1/4 mile paved oval (1953-1963)
Brighton SpeedwayBrighton, ON1/4 mile dirt oval (1959-60)
1/4 mile paved oval (1961-63)
Brighton SpeedwayBrighton, ON1/4 mile paved ovalClosed
Brighton SpeedwayBrighton, ON1/3 mile clay oval (1970-present)Open
Bristol SpeedwayTimmins, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalOpen
Brockville Ontario SpeedwayBrockville, ON1/4 mile clay ovalBrockville Speedway (1969-?)
Brockville National Speedway
Brockville Motor Speedway
Brockville Ontario Speedway (?-present)
Burford FairgroundsBurford, ON1/4 mile & 1/8 mile dirt ovalsClosed
Burkes Falls FairgroundsBurkes Falls, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Calabogie Motorsports ParkCalabogie, ON3.05
1.38 mile paved road course
CampbellfordCampbellford, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Canadian Tire Motorsports ParkMosport, ON2.54 mile paved road courseOpen
Capital City SpeedwayOttawa, ON1/8 mile paved drag stripClosed
Capital City SpeedwayOttawa, ON3/8 mile paved oval (1961-73)
3/8 mile clay oval (1974)
3/8 mile paved oval (1975-present)
Capital City Speedway (1961-?)
Ottawa Valley Speedway (?-1993)
Capital City Speedway (1994-2001)
Ottodrome International Speedway (2002-2005)
Capital City Speedway (2006-present)
Cargill SpeedwayCargill, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Carp AirportCarp, ON2.2 mile paved road courseClosed
CarsonbyCarsonby, ONdirt ovalClosed
Casselman SpeedwayCasselman, ONdirt ovalClosed
Cayuga Motor SpeedwayNelles Corners, ON1/2 mile dirt oval (1966-67)
5/8 mile paved oval (1968-present)
1/5 mile oval (1969-?)
Cayuga Speedway (1966-1972)
Cayuga International Speedway (?-1985)
Cayuga Speedway (1986-1999)
Cayuga 2000 Speedway (2000-2005)
Cayuga Speedway Park (2006-2007);Cayuga Motor Speedway (2008-present)
Cedar Circle SpeedwayPeterborough, ONdirt ovalClosed
Cedar SpringsCedar Springs, ONoff-roadClosed
Central Canada ExhibitionOttawa, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Checker Flag SpeedwayWindsor, ON1/4 mile dirt oval (1961-1966)
1/3 mile dirt oval (1966-68)
3/8 mile dirt oval (1969-1973)
3/8 mile paved oval (1974-1992)
Checker Flag Raceway (1961-1973)
Checker Flag International Speedway (1974-1983)
Checker Flag Motor Speedway (1984-?)
Windsor Speedway (1992)
ChelmsfordChelmsford, ONClosed
CNE SpeedwayToronto, ON1/2 mile dirt oval (1900-1934)
1/3 mile cinder oval (1952)
1/3 mile paved oval(1952-58)
1/4 mile paved oval (1959-1966)
1/3 mile paved oval (1990)
Cockshutt ParkBrantford, ONovalClosed
Colborne RacewayColborne, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
ConnConn, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
CopetownCopetown, ONmotocross trackClosed
Cornwall Motor SpeedwayCornwall, ON1/4 mile clay ovalCornwall Speedway
Power Dam Speedway
D.A.R.A SpeedwayHaydon, ONclay ovalClosed
Dashwood, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Dayus RacewayWindsor, ON1/4 mile dirt oval (1951-1953)
1/4 mile paved oval (1954-1958)
Delaware SpeedwayDelaware, ON1/4 mile dirt oval (1952-60)
1/4 mile paved oval (1960-69)
1/2 mile paved oval (1969-present)
Brodie¦s Delaware Raceway (1952-?)
Delaware International Speedway (?-1982)
Delaware Speedway Park (1983-?)
Devonshire Horse TrackWindsor, ONdirt ovalClosed
Dickson Park FairgroundsCambridge, ON1/2 mile & 1/3 mile dirt ovalsClosed
DoGo RacewayChatham, ON3/8 mile dirt ovalClosed
Dorchester FairgroundsDorchester, ON1/6 mile dirt ovalClosed
Drag Motion ParkDeseronto, ONpaved drag stripClosed
Dufferin ParkToronto, ONClosed
Dundas Driving ParkDundas, ONClosed
Dundas SpeedwayDundas, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Eagle's NestOhsweken, ONdirt motocrossClosed?
Eagle's NestOhsweken, ONdirt ovalClosed?
Earlton DragwayEarlton, ON1/4 mile paved drag stripOpen
East York StadiumEast York, ON1/4 mile ovalClosed
Edenvale AirportStayner, ON1.73 mile paved road courseClosed
Eldee Stock Car Club TrackGeraldton, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Elizabethville SpeedwayPort Hope, ONovalClosed
Elliott Lake Airport DragwayElliott Lake, ON1/8 mile paved drag stripOpen
Elmira FairgroundsElmira, ON1/2 mile ovalClosed
Elmwood SpeedwaySarnia, ON1/4 mile paved ovalClosed
Emo SpeedwayFort Frances, ON3/8 mile clay ovalOpen
Erie Beach ParkFort Erie, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
EssexEssex, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
ExeterExeter, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Exhibition StadiumToronto, ONTemporary off-road trackClosed
Fergus FairgroundsFergus, ON1/2 mile ovalClosed
FerndaleFerndale, ON1/5 mile dirt ovalClosed
Ferndale SpeedwayStoke's Bay, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Fisher Hills SpeedwayLondon, ONdirt ovalClosed
Flamboro SpeedwayFreelton, ON1/3 mile dirt oval (1961)
1/3 mile paved oval (1962-present)
Fort ErieFort Erie, ON1 1/8 mile dirt ovalClosed
GaltGalt, ONdirt ovalClosed
Ganaraska SpeedwayKendal, ON1/8 mile ovalClosed
GeorgetownGeorgetown, ONovalClosed
Glendale SpeedwaySarnia, ON1/4 mile dirt oval (1952-1954)
1/4 mile paved oval (1955-59)
Goderich FairgroundsGoderich, ONovalClosed
Golden Lake SpeedwayGolden Lake, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Gopher DunesCourtland, ONoff roadOpen
Grand Bend MotorplexGrand Bend, ON1/4 mile drag stripGrand Bend Dragway (1964-1969)
Grand Bend Motorplex (1995-present)
Grand Bend SpeedwayGrand Bend, ON1/6 mile paved tri-oval (1996-2006)
1/4 mile paved tri-oval (2007-present)
Grand River SpeedwayElora, ON1/4 mile dirt oval (1968-1971)
1/4 mile paved oval (1971-1974)
Greathead's TrackStoney Creek, ONdirt ovalClosed
Green AcresGoderich, ON1.9 mile paved road courseClosed
Grimsby FairgroundsGrimsby, ON1/2 mile ovalClosed
Hagersville FairgroundsHagersville, ON1 mile dirt ovalClosed
Hamilton ForumHamilton, ONIndoor ovalClosed
Hamilton Jockey ClubHamilton, ON1 mile dirt ovalClosed
Hamilton Street CourseHamilton, ON1.3 mile paved street circuitClosed
Harewood AcresJarvis, ONpaved road course: 3.5 miles (1956)
2.45 miles (1957-1958)
1.9 miles (1959-1970)
HawkesburyHawkesbury, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Hearst FairgroundsHearst, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Heyden Speedway ParkSault Ste. Marie, ON1/4 mile clay ovalClosed
Hide-A-Way SpeedwayNew Hamburg, ON1/4 clay oval (1967-mid 1968)
1/4 mile paved oval (July 1968-1972)
Hockley Valley SpeedwayHockley Valley, ON1/3 mile dirt ovalClosed
Hulley Gully SpeedwayClinton, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Humber Springs RacewayOrangeville, ON1/4 mile paved ovalClosed
Humberstone SpeedwayPort Colborne, ON1/4 mile dirt oval (1957-68)
1/3 mile dirt oval (1969-1983)
3/8 mile clay oval (1984-present)
Humberstone International Speedway (1957-90)
Gasport International Speedway (1991-2003)
Humberstone Speedway (2005-present)
Hurricane SpeedwaySudbury, ON1/4 mile dirt oval (1966?-?)
1/4 mile paved oval (19?-74)
Inverhuron RacewayTiverton, ONoff roadClosed
IroquoisIroquois, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Island RacewayPeterborough, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Jackpot SpeedwayWilliamsford, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Jackson's PointJackson's Point, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
JanetvilleJanetville, ONdirt ovalClosed
Johnny's ParkBeamsville, ON1/5 mile paved ovalClosed
Kawartha DownsFraserville, ON5/8 mile dirt ovalClosed
Kawartha SpeedwayFraserville, ON3/8 mile paved ovalOpen
Kennington'sSt. Thomas, ON1/10 mile dirtClosed
Kenora FairgroundsKenora, ONdirt ovalClosed
Kingston SpeedwayKingston, ON1/4 mile clay ovalClosed
Kirkland LakeKirkland Lake, ON1/6 mile dirt ovalClosed
Kirkland LakeKirkland Lake, ONdrag stripClosed
Kirkland Lake CarnivalKirkland Lake, ONovalClosed
Kirkland Lake SpeedwayKirkland Lake, ONdirt ovalClosed
Kitchener International RacewayNew Hamburg, ON1.2 mile dirt off-roadClosed
Lacrosse BowlHamilton, ONovalClosed
Laird International RacewaySault Ste. Marie, ON1/3 mile paved ovalOpen
LakeheadLakehead, ON3/8 mile dirt ovalClosed
Lakehead Exhibition Fairgrounds RacewayThunder Bay, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
LambethLambeth, ONdirt ovalClosed
Lansdowne SpeedwayOttawa, ON1/4 mile dirt oval (1955-56)
1/3 mile paved oval (1957-60)
Leamington FairgroundsLeamington, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Leamington SpeedwayLeamington, ONdirt ovalClosed
Lindsay FairgroundsLindsay, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Lip-N-John SpeedwayHolstein, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Little BritainLittle Britain, ONdirt ovalClosed
Lock City SpeedwaySault Ste. Marie, ON1/4 mile paved ovalClosed
London ArenaLondon, ONBoardClosed
London GardensLondon, ONIndoor ovalclosed
London Queen's Park Fairgrounds (Western Fairgrounds)London, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Markham FairgroundsMarkham, ONovalClosed
Maxville FairgroundsMaxville, ONdirt ovalClosed
Meadow Park SpeedwayBell's Corners, ONdirt ovalClosed
Merrittville SpeedwayThorold, ON1/4 mile clay oval (1952-1971)
3/8 mile clay oval (1972-present)
Milverton FairgroundsMilverton, ONdirt ovalClosed
Model T SpeedwayMcCullough Lake, ON5/8 mile dirt ovalClosed
Mohawk SpeedwayBrantford, ON1/4 mile dirt (1947-1950)
1/4 mile paved oval (1950-1963)
Molson Indy TorontoToronto, ON1.755 paved temporary street circuitOpen
Morrow ParkPeterborough, ON1/2 mile dirt trackClosed
Mosport SpeedwayMosport, ON1/2 mile clay oval (1989)
1/2 mile paved oval (1989-present)
Mosport Ascot North (1989)
Mosport International Speedway (1989-1997)
Mosport Speedway (1998-present)
Mosquito SpeedwayNolalu, ON1/4 mile clay ovalClosed
MotoparkWilliamsford, ON1.5 km off road trackOpen
MotordromeToronto, ONboardClosed
Mount Hope SpeedwayMount Hope, ON1/10 mile dirt ovalClosed
Mud Lake Road SpeedwayPembroke, ON1/3 mile dirt ovalClosed
Murillo SpeedwayMurillo, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Napanee FairgroundsNapanee, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Nelles CornersNelles Corners, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
New Hamburg FairgroundsNew Hamburg, ON1/4 mile dirt oval (1953)
1/2 mile dirt oval (1976)
New Liskeard FairgroundsNew Liskeard, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Niagara Motorcycle RacewayWelland, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalWelland County Speedway (1970-1984)
Niagara Motorcycle Raceway (1985-present)
Niagara SpeedwayChippawa, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Nickle OvalMelford, ON1/5 mile ovalClosed
Nilestown SpeedwayNilestown, ON1/4 mile dirt oval (1952-55)
1/4 mile paved oval (1955-1974)
NolaluNolalu, ONdirt ovalClosed
North Bay SpeedwayNorth Bay, ON1/4 mile paved ovalSunnydale Speedway (1976-87)
North Bay Speedway (1987-2003)
North End Horse TrackCambridge, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Northern RacewaySault Ste. Marie, ON1/4 mile dirt oval (1965)
1/4 mile paved oval (1965-1987)
Northern RacewaySault Ste. Marie, ON1/4 mile drag stripClosed
Northwestern SpeedwayKenora, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Northwoods RacewayDryden, ON1/4 mile clay ovalClosed
Norwich FairgroundsNorwich, ON1/3 mile dirtClosed
Nottawasaga InnAlliston, ON1.1 km off-roadClosed
Oak ParkToronto, ONovalClosed
Oakwood SpeedwayToronto, ON1/5 mile dirt/paved ovalClosed
Ohsweken SpeedwayOhsweken, ON3/8 mile clay ovalOpen
Orangeville FairgroundsOrangeville, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Orillia SpeedwayOrillia, ON3/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
OrleansOttawa, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Orr LakeOrr Lake, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Oshawa AirportOshawa, ONClosed
Oshawa Civic AuditoriumOshawa, ON1/8 mile paved ovalClosed
Oshawa Motor RacewayOshawa, ON1/4 mile dirt oval (1951-52)
1/4 mile paved oval (1953-54)
5 Points Speedway (1951)
Sunset Speedway (1952)
Oshawa Motor Raceway (1953-54)
Owen Sound FairgroundsOwen Sound, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Paris International SpeedwayParis, ON1/2 mile dirt oval (1985)
1/4 mile dirt oval (1986-1991)
1/8 mile dirt oval (1987-present)
Pelee IslandPelee Island, ONstreet circuitClosed
PelhamFenwick, ON1/6 mile dirt ovalClosed
Peninsula SpeedwayMarathon, ONClosed
Perth SpeedwayPerth, ONovalClosed
Peterborough SpeedwayPeterborough, ON1/4 mile paved (1967-1992)
1/3 mile paved oval (1993-present)
Westgate Speedway (1967-1986)
Peterborough-Westgate Speedway (1987)
Peterborough Speedway (1988-present)
Petrolia FairgroundsPetrolia, ON1/2 mile ovalClosed
Picton FairgroundsPicton, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Pinebush SpeedwayCambridge, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Pinecrest SpeedwayConcord, ON1/4 mile paved ovalClosed
Pleasure Valley SpeedwayOshawa, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Port BolsterPort Bolster, ONdirt ovalClosed
Powassan SpeedwayPowassan, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Queen Elizabeth ParkSault Ste. Marie, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Quinte DragwayDeseronto, ON1/4 mile paved drag stripMohawk Dragway (?-1968)
Quinte Dragway (1968-1970)
Mohawk Dragway (early 1980's)
RenfrewRenfrew, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Riverview RacewaysThunder Bay, ON3/8 mile clay ovalClosed
Riverview SpeedwayTrenton, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Rockcliffe AirfieldOttawa, ON2.2 mile paved road courseClosed
RockwoodRockwood, ON1/2 mile paved hillclimbClosed
Rodney FairgroundsRodney, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Rogers CentreToronto, ONoff road trackOpen
Royal City SpeedwayGuelph, ON1/2 mile dirt oval (1951-?)
1/4 mile paved oval (?-1953)
Rymal RoadHamilton, ONovalClosed
Sage's FarmNorth of London, ONClosed
SalemSalem, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Sandy's SpeedwayIndian River / Douro, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Sauble SpeedwaySauble Beach, ON1/4 mile dirt oval (1969-1970)
1/4 mile paved oval (1971-present)
Seymour SpeedwayHoards Station, ONdirt ovalClosed
Shallow LakeShallow Lake, ONdirt ovalClosed
Shannonville Motorsports ParkShannonville, ON1/4 mile paved drag stripOpen
Shannonville Motorsports ParkShannonville, ONSMP Long Track: 4.03 km
Pro Track: 2.47 km
Fabi Circuit: 2.23 km
Nelson Circuit: 1.8 km
Go Kart Track: 1 km
Nelson International Raceway (1977-78)
Shannonville Motorsports Park (1979-present)
Shannonville RacewayShannonville, ON1/3 mile dirt ovalClosed
Shannonville SpeedwayShannonville, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Silver Dart Air Strip (CFB Petawawa)Petawawa, ON1/8 mile drag stripClosed
Simcoe Fairgrounds, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
SkydomeToronto, ON1/6 mile paved ovalClosed
South Buxton RacewayMerlin, ON3/8 mile clay ovalRaleigh Raceway Park (1971-1978)
Raceland Speedway (1979-1981)
South Buxton Speedway (1982-present)
South Mountain SpeedwaySouth Mountain, ONdirt ovalClosed
Speedway ParkConcord, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalPinecrest Speedway (1948)
Speedway Park (1949-54)
Speedway ParkStoney Creek, ON1/3 mile dirt oval (1961-1970)
1/3 mile paved oval (1971-1975)
Speedway Park (1961-74)
Satellite Speedway (1975)
St. EugeneSt. Eugene, ONpaved road courseClosed
St. Thomas DragwaySparta, ON1/4 mile paved drag stripSt. Thomas Dragway (1962-1989)
London Motorsports Park (1990-1998)
St Thomas Dragway (1999-present)
St. Thomas RacewayTalbotville, ON3/10 mile dirt ovalClosed
Stamford ParkNiagara Falls, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Stayner SpeedwayStayner, ON1.5 mile tri-ovalClosed
Stratford FairgroundsStratford, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Stratford SpeedwayAylmer, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Strathroy FairgroundsStrathroy, ONovalClosed
Streetsville SpeedwayStreetsville, ON1/2 mile dirt oval (?-?)
1/4 mile clay oval (?-?)
Sudbury SpeedwaySudbury, ON1/2 mile ovalClosed
Sunny Glen SpeedwayBleinham / Ridgetown, ON7/10 mile off-roadClosed
Sunnydale SpeedwayNorth Bay, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Sunset SpeedwayStroud, ON1/4 mile paved oval (1968-1970)
1/3 mile paved oval (1971-present)
Sunset Speedway (1968-1976)
New Sunset Speedway (1977-1981)
Shakell¦s Sunset Speedway (1982-?)
Sunset Speedway (?-present)
Sutton FairgroundsSutton, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Sutton SpeedwaySutton, ON1/4 mile dirt oval (1958 or 59 - 1961)
1/4 mile paved oval (1961?-1971?)
South Shore Speedway (1965?-66)
South Sutton Speedway (1967-68)
Sutton Speedway (1969-1971?)
Swiss Chalet ParkMarkham, ONoff roadClosed
Terrace Bay, ONdrag stripClosed
Teviotdale SpeedwayTeviotdale, ON1/4 mile paved ovalClosed
The Ridge RacewayRidgetown, ON1/3 mile dirt oval (1951-55), (1969-78)
3/8 mile dirt oval (1983-1995)
The Ridge Raceway (1951-1955)
Ridgetown Raceway
Harwich Speedway
The Ridge Raceway (1983-1995)
The Ridge RacewayRidgetown, ON1/5 mile dirt ovalClosed
Thorncliffe ParkLeaside, ON1.25 mile dirt ovalClosed
Thunder Bay FairgroundsThunder Bay, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Tilbury SpeedwayTilbury, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Tillsonburg FairgroundsTillsonburg, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
TimminsTimmins, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
TorontoToronto, ONovalClosed
Toronto International DragwayGeorgetown, ON1/4 mile drag stripGolden Horseshoe Dragway (1970)
Toronto International Dragway (1971-1975)
Toronto Motorsports ParkCayuga, ON1/4 mile paved drag stripKohler Drag Strip (1954-63)
Super Boss Dragway (1964-66)
Kohler Super Boss Dragway(1967-69)
1320 Dragway (1970)
Dragway Park (1971-82)
Cayuga Dragway Park (1982-90)
Cayuga Motorsports Park (1991-?)
Cayuga Dragway Park (?-2001)
Toronto Motorsports Park
Toronto Motorsports ParkCayuga, ONVarious configs - paved road courseOpen
Tweed SpeedwayTweed, ON1/3 mile dirt ovalClosed
Twin Creek FarmInwood?, ONoff roadClosed
Ulster StadiumToronto, ON1/4 mile cinder ovalClosed
VarnaVarna, ONmotocrossClosed
Varney Speedway MotorplexDurham, ON1/4 mile paved ovalOpen
Wallace SpeedwayListowel, ON1/3 mile dirt oval (1969)
1/3 mile paved oval (1969-1974)
Wallacetown FairgroundsWallacetown, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Warwick RacewayWarwick, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Wasaga Beach SpeedwayWasaga Beach, ON1/4 mile paved ovalClosed
Wasaga Beach SpeedwayWasaga Beach, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Welland Fairgrounds (New)Welland, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Welland Fairgrounds (Old)Welland, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed
Wentworth-Upper WellingtonHamilton, ON1/3 mile dirt ovalClosed
West Lambton FairgroundsSarnia, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
WheatleyWheatley, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Wiarton Speedway FairgroundsWiarton, ON1/2 mile dirt ovalClosed
Wilton Grove SpeedwayLondon, ON1/8 mile dirt ovalClosed
Windsor ArenaWindsor, ONovalClosed
Windsor DragwayWindsor, ON1/4 mile paved drag stripClosed
Windsor Motor SpeedwayWindsor, ON1/3 mile dirt oval (1948-?)
1/4 mile dirt oval (?-1952)
Wonderland SpeedwayLondon, ON1/8 mile dirt ovalOpen
Woodbridge FairgroundsWoodbridge, ON1/5 mile dirt ovalClosed
Woodstock FairgroundsWoodstock, ON1/2 mile (dates?)
1/4 mile dirt oval (dates?)
Wright's RacewaySault Ste. Marie, ON1/4 mile dirt ovalClosed