Canadian Race Track Database

Delaware Speedway

Delaware, ON


Years in Operation: 1952-present

Name History:
Brodie's Delaware Raceway (1952-?)
Delaware International Speedway (?-1982)
Delaware Speedway Park (1983-?)

Track Configurations:
1/4 mile dirt oval (1952-60)
1/4 mile paved oval (1960-69)
1/2 mile paved oval (1969-present)

Points Champions: (please note - for tracks that are still operating, the more recent years may not be updated regularly)
1965Super modified Jimmy Howard
1966Super modified Jack Greedy
1967Super Sprint
1968Hobby Bill Watson
1968Late Model Earl Ross
1969Hobby Bill Atkinson
1969Super modified Norm Mackereth
1970Diamond Earl Ross
1970Late Model Earl Ross
1970Rat Racer
1970Super modified Norm Mackereth
1971Amateur Sportsman Marsh Manning
1971Rat Racer Mac Powless
1971Super modified Harvey Lennox
1972Amateur Sportsman
1972Late Model Super Stock Norm Lelliott
1972Limited Stock Car
1972Rat Racer
1972Super modified Ken Andrews
1973Amateur Sportsman
1973Late Model Super Stock Norm Lelliott
1973Limited Stock
1974Late Model Super Stock Jack Monaghan
1974Limited Stocks Bud McIver
1974Rat Racer
1974Sportsman Modified Barry Shaxton
1975Limited Stocks
1975Rat Racer
1975Sportsman Compact
1976Limited Stock
1977Late Model
1978Delaware Street Stocker
1978Super modified
1979Late Model Rich Grady
1979Street Stock Doug Purdy
1980Late Model Don Beiderman
1980Street Stock
1983Late Model Ron Ling
1983Street Stock
1984International Sedan
1984Late Model
1984Street Stock
1985International Sedan / Mini Stock
1985Ladies' Street Stock
1985Late Model Sportsman
1986CASCAR Late Model Sportsman Ken Johnston
1986International Sedan / Mini Stock
1986Ladies' Street Stock
1986Street Stock
1987CASCAR Late Model Barry Harmer
1987Street Stock Bob Hulme
1987Street Stock
1988CASCAR Late Model Andy Farr
1988Street Stock
1989CASCAR Late Model Steve Robblee
1989Street Stock Ken Thorne
1990CASCAR Late Model Steve Robblee
1990Street Stock
1990Street Stock Mike Player
1991CASCAR Late Model Steve Robblee
1991Street Stock Scott Lindsay
1992CASCAR Late Model Steve Robblee
1992Street Stock Jeff Atkinson
1993CASCAR Late Model Scott Lindsay
1993Open Wheel Modified
1993Street Stock
1994CASCAR Late Model Paul Mathers
1994Open Wheel Modified Bob Morris
1994Street Stock John Saunders
1995CASCAR Late Model Steve Robblee
1995Open Wheel Modified Lloyd Rawlings
1995Street Stock Dion Verhoeven
1996CASCAR Late Model D.J. Kennington
1996Open Wheel Modified Barry Newman
1996Street Stock Dion Verhoeven
1997CASCAR Sportsman
1997CASCAR Truck Lawrence Roy
1997Open Wheel Modified Barry Newman
1997Street Stock Mike Alguire
1998CASCAR Sportsman Brad Graham
1998CASCAR Truck Randy Thompson
1998Open Wheel Modified Bob Morris
1998Street Stock Rick Sadecky
1999CASCAR Sportsman Steve Robblee
1999CASCAR Truck Jamie Cox
1999Open Wheel Modified Jamie Cox (different driver)
1999Street Stock Wayne Pilkey
2000CASCAR Sportsman
2000CASCAR Sportsman Steve Robblee
2000CASCAR Truck Paul Fothergill
2000Open Wheel Modified Jamie Cox
2000Street Stock Wayne Pilkey
2001CASCAR Sportsman Cole Pearn
2001CASCAR Truck Paul Fothergill
2001Open Wheel Modified Jamie Cox
2001Street Stock Jason Hathaway
2002CASCAR Sportsman Sean Dupuis
2002CASCAR Truck Brian Verberne
2002Open Wheel Modified Jamie Cox
2002Street Stock Dave Lawrence
2003CASCAR Sportsman Dion Verhoeven
2003CASCAR Truck Chad Rijnen
2003Open Wheel Modified Jamie Cox
2003Street Stock Dave Lawrence
2004Late Model
2004Modified Jamie Cox
2004Street Stock