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Peterborough Speedway

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Peterborough, ON

Years in Operation: 1967-present

Name History:
Westgate Speedway (1967-1986)
Peterborough-Westgate Speedway (1987)
Peterborough Speedway (1988-present)

Track Configurations:
1/4 mile paved (1967-1992)
1/3 mile paved oval (1993-present)


  • Original owners were John Plunkett, Bob Boynton, Harley Coons

  • Woody Howard was the track manager in 1967 he had been the Pinecrest announcer

  • Ran Sunday afternoons in 1967

  • Pits were originally in the infield but moved to their current location behind turn 1 in 1971

  • Bought by Brian Aitken in April 1970

  • Sold to Haliburton Development Corp Ltd in May 1972

  • Bought by Art Robinson in 1976

  • Bought by Darragh Moroney in 1987

  • Bought by Kim Wallace in 1989

  • Bought by JP Josiasse in Dec, 1999