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Full Throttle Motor Speedway

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Durham, ON


Years in Operation: 1970-present

Name History:
Varney Motor Speedway (?-2011)
Varney Speedway Motorplex (2012-2013)
Full Throttle Motor Speedway (2014-present)

Track Configurations:
1/4 mile paved oval

  • Built by brothers Joe and Ted Kennedy and their father Pete
  • Pits were originally located behind the back straight
  • Pits moved to area off of turn 1-2 in 1971
  • Leased from the Kennedy familiy by Don Davidson from 1985-87:Tom Donnelly became promoter in 1988
  • Purchased by Tom Donnelly between the 1993 and 1994 seasons
  • Leased to Alex Hamilton beginning in 1997
  • Purchased by Ken and Joan McLellan in 2001
  • Purchased by Kent Nuhn in December 2011
  • Purchased by Gord and Cheryl Bennett in early 2014