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Windsor Motor Speedway

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Windsor, ON

Years in Operation: 1948-1952

Name History:

Track Configurations:
1/3 mile dirt oval (1948-?)
1/4 mile dirt oval (?-1952)


  • Located on South Cameron Blvd

  • Owned by Gord and Ray Henderson

  • Originally raced big cars and midgets, then roadsters and finally stock cars starting in 1950

  • The track was shortened to 1/4 for the stock cars by adding a new corner on the inside of the track

  • This left the old corner to be used as the pits

  • The reconfig left the track banked in one corner and flat in the other

  • As of 2004 the property has not been developed and a vague remains of the track can be seen

  • The track pavement was only ripped up in around 2002