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Site Updates


March 12, 2007: Added CNE Feature winners for 1953, 1954, 1955 to the History of the CNE Speedway article.
March 11, 2007: Fixed some dead links for photos on the track database entries for Edmonton International Speedway, Airport Raceway and Shannonville.
March 11, 2007: Added photos and a program cover to the Kingston Speedway track database entry.
January 21, 2007: Added a photo of the 1970 track staff to the 2nd Wasaga Beach Speedway page.
January 13, 2007: Added several more photos to the Langley Speedway page from the following readers: Will Norton, Barry Regan Jr and Carl Jacques.
January 13, 2007: Added Brighton Speedway program covers.
December 10, 2006: Added points champions for Emo Speedway
December 10, 2006: Added program covers for Emo, Langley, Kingston, Airport, Brighton, Agassiz, St. Eugene, Mt-Tremblant, Westwood, Edmonton International Raceway, Race City, Skydome, Barrie, Sunset and Sauble.
November 10, 2006: Added two photos of Rod Rashleigh to the Acton photos page.
August 27, 2006: Added a satellite shot of the Windsor Dragway ghost track.
August 27, 2006: Finally made some changes to the track database, including updating the Brighton Speedway points champs list
April 23, 2006: Added points champions / class lists for Brockville, Cornwall, Brighton, Capital City, Atlantic Speedway, Checker Flag, Golden Lake, Nilestown, Sutton, Ohsweken and Westwind.
March 25, 2006: Added points champions for Barrie Speedway, Merrittville Speedway, Kawartha Speedway and Sunnydale / North Bay Speedway.
March 25, 2006: Added the first aerial photos and the track database now has photos.
March 25, 2006: Added program covers for Sanair, Atlantic Speedway, Shearwater, Shannonville Motorsports Park, Copetown, Toronto Indy, Vancouver Indy, Westwood and Mont-Tremblant.
March 20, 2006: Added photos from the racing days of Grandview and Bowl Cassidy Speedway to the BC Miscellaneous Ghost Tracks page.
March 19, 2006: Added a satellite image of Grandview Bowl to the BC Miscellaneous Ghost Tracks page. Also added a satellite image of Acton Speedway its Ghost Track page.
March 6, 2006: Added program covers from Atlantic Motorsports Park, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Edenvale, Edmonton International Speedway, Gimli Motorsports Park, Grand Prix de Granby, Harewood Acres, Toronto Molson Indy, Quebec City, Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant, Westwood, Pennfield, Stayner Speedway and Mosport Speedway.
February 24, 2006: Added more photos to the Langley Speedway ghost track page.
February 18, 2006: Added paging to the article discussions so that each page contains 25 replies. It will keep the load time shorter for the long discussions.
February 10, 2006: Added more photos of Langley Speedway today.
February 5, 2006: Added two photos to the Gulf Canada Series page: 1 from Trois-Rivieres and 1 from Westwood.
January 31, 2006: A bunch more photos from Langley's Racing days on the Langley Ghost Track page.
January 21, 2006: Points Champions updates.
January 21, 2006: Added program covers for Trois-Rivieres, Langley and Cayuga.
December 29, 2005: Added points champions for Langley, Cayuga, Delaware, Flamboro, Laird, Westgate / Peterborough, Sauble, Sunset, Varney and Western.
December 29, 2005: Added program covers for Brighton, Race City, Peterborough and Pinecrest.
October 30, 2005: Added program covers for Varney, Cayuga, Sanair, Brighton, Brighton, Sheperd, Barrie, CNE, Sauble and Sunset.
September 22, 2005: Added some photos to the BC Ghost Tracks page of Cassidy Speedway from its racing days
July 17, 2005: Added the program covers to the track database.
May 8, 2005: Added Points Champions to the track database. There are only a few right now but more will be added
April 27, 2005: Added on the front page, a listing of the most recent discussions in the forums

April 16, 2005: Added a bunch of photos of The Ridge Raceway's past.

April 3, 2005: Most of the 2005 touring series schedules are posted. More coming in the next week or so.
March 19, 2005: Added information about the ACT race in the 1990 CNE Bud Stocks article.
March 9, 2005: Added a photo of the pit gate from Checker Flag Speedway and the remains of Orr Lake on the Ontario Miscellaneous Ghost Tracks page
Feb 23, 2005: Added photos from Windsor Dragway taken in 1969.
Jan 28, 2005: Added photos and points champions to the Wasaga Beach Speedway page.
Nov 21, 2004: Added captions to The Ridge Raceway photos
April 24, 2004: Added the aerial photos of Speedway Park
March 6, 2004: Added the Performance World photos
March 1, 2004: Added the comparison photos of Nilestown between 1956 and 2003
March 1, 2004: Added the History of Pinecrest Speedway article
Feb 3, 2004: Added historic photos to the Nilestown, Speedway Park, Sutton and Acton pages.
Jan 4, 2004: Added the Ghost Track page for Moosehead Premium Dry Speedway AKA Exhibition Park Motor Speedway
Dec 29, 2003: Added the Eating on the Way to the Track article
Dec 22, 2003: Added the 1990 Bud Stocks article
Dec 10, 2003: Added the History of Harewood Acres article

Nov 16, 2003: Added the ability to discuss each article. Visit each article and you will see a link that says "Discuss this article".

Nov 16, 2003: How Times Have Changed #1
Nov 9, 2003: The Links page added. Over 400 Canadian racing links
Nov 9, 2003: Ghost Speedway page for Nilestown Speedway
Oct 23, 2003: Photos from Acton in 1969.
Oct 23, 2003: Photos of Cassidy Speedway and Grandview Bowl added to Ghost Speedways
Oct 23, 2003: Added the Gulf Canada Series article
Sept 5, 2003: Ghost Speedway pages for Speedway Park and Bismark Speedway
Sept 1, 2003: Photos from 1955 at Edenvale added