Canadian Race Track Database

Hurricane Speedway

Sudbury, ON


Years in Operation: 1966?-1974

Name History:

Track Configurations:
1/4 mile dirt oval (1966?-69?)
1/4 mile paved oval (1970?-74)

Ghost Track Photos

This is how Hurricane Speedway looked in the summer of 2004. Matt Hansford, who lives in the area, sent these photos to Matt and some friends were bike riding and stumbled across the track one evening. They went back with a camera a few days later.

The front wall and spectator fence are still there. The pits appear to have been behind the back straight. As noted in the captions, it looks like you can still see the entrance from the track to the pits.

Archived Discussion

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A Lap Around Hurricane Speedway
Start / Finish line.
Corner 1.
Looking down the back straight from corner 2. It appears that the entrance to the track from the pits is still visible, about halfway down on the right side.
Corner 3.
Corner 4.
Looking down the front straight.
Other Photos
Looking back from mid-way between corners 3 and 4.
The front wall and spectator fence.
Looking back at corner 2 from the beginning of the back straight.
Standing near turn 1 looking back up the front straight.