Ghost Tracks - Speedway Park
1/3 paved oval (originally dirt)
Located on the north-east corner Highway 20 and Mud St. in Stoney Creek.

2002 Aerial Photos

This is how Speedway Park looked in September of 2003. This is the second track in Ontario to have the name Speedway Park. The first was open from 1948 to 1954 and was located on Highway 7 right next to the land that eventually held Pinecrest Speedway.

The Speedway Park on this page opened in 1961 as a sister track to Merrittville Speedway. It was developed by Ken Kavanagh, Bill Russell and Merrittville owners John Marino and George Cullen. Speedway Park ran on Friday nights in the early years. The four partners built a wide, fast dirt track with good banking. The grandstands were made of steel and concrete and incorporated washrooms and concessions.

The regular drivers included names like Bruce Van Dyke, Ivan Little, Denny Deagle, Jeno Begolo, Nick Lapcevich, George Treanor, Bob Daniels and Don Shirton.

The owners found it stressful to operate both Speedway Park and Merrittville so in April of 1971 the track was sold to group consisting of Perc Allen, Andrew Sherwood, Bill Tremholme, Reg Porcelli, George Porcelli and George McEneny. Harold Woodgate was the president. The new owners paved the track, widened the corners and paved the spectator walking areas. The racing night was switched to Saturday. The Hobby Club was brought in as a regular class. Late Model Super Stocks were also a regular class in the paved years.

The track often ran special events for the Late Models of 50-100 laps. Most of the big-name drivers of the time appeared at the specials or as regular competitors - Don Biederman, Junior Hanley, Doug Warnes, Howie Scannell, Jerry Makara, Art Clark, Jack Cook, Terry Kitchen, etc. In 1973, the Super Modifieds were brought in as a regular, weekly class.

The track changed names in 1975 and became known as "Satellite Speedway". Unfortunately, being paved put them in direct competition with Cayuga and Flamborough and it never worked very well. The track closed for good at the of the 1975 season. The owners had plans for a housing developoment called "Satellite City" but it never panned out. Over 30 years later the track is still there. The "Satellite" name is still evident in the area though - the Satellite Golf Club is located near the track property. The grandstands ended up at the Binbrook Fairgrounds.

The Speedway Park pits were located behind the back straight. The entrance to the pits was from Mud Street and can still be seen. The spectator entrance was from Highway 20 and I believe it also can still be seen. These two entrances are now access roads to the crop field. The drivers entered the track from the pits part way down the back straight, closer to turn 3. The transition pavement from the pits to the track is still there.

Today the track is fairly easy to find at the north-east corner of Highway 20 and Mud Street, behind a trucking driving school. The track appears as a scrub-covered hill, high on each end and low in the middle, stuck right in the middle of a flat field. The grandstands are long gone. The infield has been used for farming. The track surface has started to break up quite badly with tall weeds growing through. Turn 1 and 2 and half-way down the back straight have been ripped up. The front wall is still quite intact. You can barely see the start / finish line beneath the weeds. Part of the paved spectator area is still there so it's easy to imagine the paved walkway from the ticket area to the grandstands.

The remains of Speedway Park may not be around for much longer. As of early September, 2003 the land is for sale and there is a City of Stoney Creek zoning by-law change sign on the edge of the property indicating that it is being zoned for commercial use.

Update: April, 2005 - I drove by the area and the track is still there but there's lots of construction nearby.

If anyone has any more information on Speedway Park - photos, programs, points champions, etc please contact me:


A Lap Around Speedway Park

At the start/finish line looking down the front straight toward turn 1

At the end of the front straight looking toward turn 1

Turn 1

Mid-way between turn 1 and 2

Down the back straight

Midway down the back straight

At the entrance of turn 3

Midway between turn 3 and 4

Coming off turn 4, looking down the front straight

Other Photos

On the front straight looking back toward turn 4

Part way down the back straight looking back toward turn 2

This would be the area behind the grand stand. I'm assuming that the wood pile is what is left of ticket booths or concession stands.

Most of the front wall is still there